How to Grow your Small Business using Small Business Marketing Automation Tools from Lead Liaison

How to Grow your Small Business using Marketing Automation Tools from Lead LiaisonAre you looking for small business marketing automation tools? It goes without saying that growing a small business, where resources and time are limited for everyone involved, is a very difficult process. Lead Liaison’s suite of marketing automation tools can help you increase the reach of your marketing strategies and the effectiveness of your sales team. With the proper application of these strategies and the tools Lead Liaison can provide for your company, you’ll not only achieve higher sales but have prepared your business to expand to a larger, more efficient organization.

Engage your Leads with Marketing Automation

There are many different things to keep track of to ensure you engage the maximum number of leads your company can handle. One of the most important places to engage with potential customers is on social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but manually updating all these profiles can be overwhelming for a small marketing team. One of Lead Liaison’s small business marketing automation tools is social media automation. By investing time in scheduling your social media posts, you can be prepared to tweet or comment on any relevant events coming up for months ahead of time. Your team will be able to focus on the important things rather than live tweeting an industry event.

In addition, Lead Liaison’s small business marketing automation tools give you access to data that would be unavailable without our suite of tools. Information such as what companies are clicking on your website and whether or not they have followed a link in an email is all tracked and stored by lead liaison’s data tracking tools. This additional sales intelligence is included with small business marketing automation and  gives your sales people specific information about individual leads and the general behavior of your customer base in general.

Increase your Company’s Sales Potential

Data gathered by Lead Liaison’s data tracking software is not merely for strategizing your marketing approach, it is also delivered in usable, informative reports to your sales team.  This is very important for companies that have a small sales team. By tracking things like buy signals, your salespeople can focus their time contacting only the most qualified and likely to purchase leads.

What about the leads that aren’t ready to buy? Obviously you don’t want to forget about them, but often times small companies don’t have the resources to maintain contact with people who are not purchasing anything. That’s where Lead Liaison’s small business lead nurturing tools prove invaluable to a small sales team. Lead Liaison’s lead nurturing tools put colder leads in paths that will automatically keep in contact with a lead and continue to collect data about the lead’s behavior towards your website and communications. If the lead indicates a new found interest in your company or your product, someone on your sales team will be alerted and they can try to contact the lead and make the sale.

Lead Liaison has many other great small business marketing automation tools that will prove invaluable to a rapidly growing business. Visit our automated marketing resource blog to find more great strategies to build your business.