New DataSpring™ B2B Database Module Enriches Sales Enablement Solution, Offers Millions of Pristine Contacts & Company Profiles

Searching for contact and company data just got easier with the release of Lead Liaison’s DataSpring™ module. Native to Lead Liaison’s extremely flexible Sales Enablement platform, the module provides clean, premium business-to-business (B2B) prospect and company data compiled from the most reliable sources.

3 Tips for Success at the Virtual Trade Show You’re Attending

Prepare for virtual trade shows with the same passion as you would in-person trade show. This is your opportunity to gather qualified leads!

The Last Thing Anybody Needs is Another Boring Virtual Event

By integrating game dynamics before, during and after your event, you can assist in converting passive attendees into ENGAGED participants.

keeping email campaigns clean

The advantages of targeted emails, personalization, and list cleaning!

Getting ready to send out an email campaign? Make sure you’re sending a clean campaign to the right people. Take note of these important tips on how to keep your email lists clean and your campaigns effective!

Defining Lifecycle Stages

Qualifying Leads by Lifecycle Stage

Qualifying Leads by Lifecycle Stage   Defining Marketing Qualified Lead, or MQL, can be a slippery process because companies, departments and individuals can have very different viewpoints as to what really makes a prospect and MQL. At Lead Liaison, we let Marketing and Sales define the stages together, so everyone owns and clearly understands what […]

5 Lead Capture Apps You Need To Know About

* Updated on January 13, 2020 As a business owner you should be well aware about leads and how to generate them as well. Such knowledge comes with selecting the most suitable applications to serve this purpose. The following is a list of apps that you can make use of when capturing leads. 1. Captello […]

Perfecting Event Follow Up

What are the best methods of post-event follow up? Email correspondence as soon as possible after collecting the lead. Handwritten letters or cards with additional information about your products / services. Telephone follow-up no within one week after the event. Following a simple process will help you connect with far more of your leads. Step […]

Enhancement Round-Up Q3 2019

In this release we’re pleased to introduce many exciting enhancements to GoExhibit!, Lead Liaison’s Event Lead Management solution. These updates include an all-new visual Events interface, new organization options, searching/filtering submissions in the app, new analytics, and better overall user experience for both end users and administrators. As always, please feel free to contact your Lead […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Renting a Trade Show’s Lead Retrieval System

If you’re new to exhibiting and unfamiliar with the different lead retrieval solutions out on the market today, you might be tempted just to rent the system provided by the trade show instead of purchasing your own.  While that may seem like the simplest and most convenient way to go, you might not realize how […]