6 Benefits of Using QR Codes

Marketing teams have enthusiastically embraced QR codes around the world and are now using dynamic QR codes in all kinds of applications. Unlike static QR codes with fixed and unchangeable information, dynamic QR codes can be continually updated with new content, without issuing a new image. 

How to Create a Touchless Scavenger Hunt for your Trade Show

It’s easy to build a touchless scavenger hunt that operates in a live and virtual environment. In this article we cover why touchless is important and how to truly implement touchless, what you need for your scavenger hunt, and why you should consider a scavenger hunt for your next event.  

6 Ways to Generate More Leads at Trade Shows

We’ve compiled 6 of the best ways to generate leads at trade shows based on our own experiences, our customers’ experiences, and feedback from the market. Here they are:

14 Ways Show Organizers Can Increase Attendee and Exhibitor Engagement at Live, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

We’ve been working with show organizers as they navigate changes in the events industry. We understand the challenges they face putting together live, virtual, and hybrid events. we found engagement to be their number one need.

The Importance Of Customer Experience For B2B Relationship 

Oftentimes, we see that a basic framework for customer experience is built at the beginning of an organization’s founding and once built, time and resources are pulled away and reallocated to other areas of the business leaving the skeleton framework to run itself.

Case Study: Event Activations with Universal Lead Capture

In this case study, we discuss some common pitfalls in event preparation, participation and execution. We’ll also take a look at how Event Activations with Universal Lead Capture can add layers of protection to these types of investments, and increase ROI at any virtual, live or hybrid event such as a webinar or trade show.

15 Ways Show Organizers Can Create New Revenue Streams at Live, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

Digital activations, leaderboards, and reward systems open up better revenue streams for show organizers. here are 15 revenue-generating opportunities for show organizers running live, virtual, and/or hybrid events.

Mastering the Art of Team Communication at Events

Corporate event success relies on the use of platforms that are capable of acting as command centers with multiple solutions under the hood, and that prioritize best practices in event team communication.

Dear Show Organizers… Here’s What Exhibitors Need

We speak with exhibitors daily and learn about their challenges and why some hesitate to invest in events. With virtual events having low satisfaction ratings and live event attendance being uncertain…

Setting Goals & Motivating Your Team

Lead capture is one of if not the most important aspects of events and tradeshows, and it could be argued that it is in fact the main point for driving revenue.

Determining ROI on events: Why are you operating blind?

One of the biggest challenges event managers seem to have is determining the return on investment for the events they participate in.

5 ways to increase lead capture adoption at events

Many organizations struggle to get staff to adopt new lead capture methods. After all, taking someone’s business card and scribbling a few notes worked before, why shouldn’t it work now? Well…

CASE STUDY: Lead Capture for Speakers & Conferences

I once attended a hybrid conference. One speaker did send out a poll to their virtual audience and shared the results with both the virtual and live audiences to discuss. But the one speaker who was using Lead liaison engaged both the live and virtual audience in a completely different way… plus, walked away with 59 leads! Here is what they did.

Demystifying APIs & Dev Kits for Event Lead Capture

For most events, especially in the US, you can get contact data by scanning name badges. Universal Lead Capture apps like Lead liaison can pull in data from badges. To do this, however, you’ll typically need an API, or developer’s kit. 

Sessions Tracking Solved!

how to accurately scan attendees into sessions when hundreds to thousands of people could be flowing through the door when it opens.