Marketing Automation Lite?

Marketing Automation Lite?Marketing automation isn’t new technology these days – companies both large and small are latching on to the fact that marketing automation can help them differentiate different sales leads to develop strategic marketing techniques for different audiences. Many of us have heard of or been offered marketing automation trials via the largest companies out there. There’s a lot of competition and plenty to learn with regard to what the right marketing automation solution is for each company.

Smaller, local companies may not have leads trickling in on a national level. Many of our clients are asking for a sort of marketing automation lite, and companies like Reach Local are advertising these services to clients who run smaller businesses. So, is a scaled down and more flexible version of marketing automation preferable and possible for smaller businesses?

Why Marketing Automation?

Local businesses are a great target for marketing automation dashboarding. All businesses need to know where clients are coming from and to nail down a more specific target market.

Here’s the thing about marketing automation – it works regardless of how large or small your business is. Whether you’re getting two leads a day or twenty, whether you have a large customer service base to mobilize or you’re just getting started, more in depth information about your business never hurt anyone. In fact, the more you know about your customers, the more you’ll be able to create custom funnels that expose particular customers to data that will further convince them to buy. Why would any business – of any size – want to pass over that kind of powerful insight?

Marketing Automation – Light

It further stands to reason that any marketing automation company worth its salt should be willing to offer custom and completely individualized solutions based on a business’s particular needs. “Marketing automation lite” is just another marketing gimmick. The right marketing automation company won’t hesitate to give you the tools you need for your business to succeed, regardless of your business size. As you grow, you should be able to add custom tools to your marketing automation dashboarding to provide further insight and add to the analytics needs of your business.

Lead Liaison provides companies with services that fit a company’s size and needs – whether your business is large or small, we can give you a solution that will help connect you with your customers, de-mystify analytics and increase sales. We don’t put things in a pretty package – all our customers, large or small, get the same level of individualized service. Talk to us about a custom quote today!