Problems That Can Limit Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Problems That Can Limit Your Marketing Automation StrategyMarketing automation is an incredible powerful tool that can bring an increased numbers of potential leads and higher conversion rates than your business has ever seen. However, if you’ve invested in marketing automation software and are not seeing the results you were hoping for, it can be incredibly frustrating. Here are some of the basic problems that can limit your marketing automation strategy and keep your business from the success it deserves.

Untrained Staff

With a name like marketing automation, it can be easy to think that the software can market automatically. This is far from true however, and if you are implementing a marketing automation strategy, then you must ensure that your staff is ready to use it. Marketing automation can present a lot of new ways for your marketing and sales teams to interact with leads and customers, and you need to ensure that both teams are ready to take advantage of those new opportunities.

In the same vein, you should also ensure that your marketing and sales teams are working well together and able to deliver and share the data that concerns either team. These two departments have always had a need for cooperation, but with marketing automation, there will be quite a bit of new data. It is important that the two groups can communicate with one another to ensure the best marketing material is reaches your leads and the sales team takes advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Incorrectly Used Tools

Marketing has a lot of extremely useful components, ranging from lead scoring to automated email marketing. However, it is important that each of these components be used in conjunction and correctly. If your data tracking software gives you a bunch of new leads because they visited your website, make sure your sales team isn’t immediately harvesting those leads to pitch and drive away potential customers. They should understand what lead profiling and lead scoring is, and how to use that in conjunction with lead nurturing and buy signals.

Underprepared Content Strategy

Another all too common problem that can limit your marketing automation strategy, especially for a company that has just started using marketing automation, is not having a content strategy ready to go. When you begin to run multiple email marketing campaigns for different levels of leads, you will quickly need a lot of content to stay on course, and companies who are just starting out sometimes can underestimate the volume of work that must go into that. In addition, all of that content must meet a high standard of quality, as subpar content can be even more damaging than a lack of content. So if you’re getting ready to adopt an email marketing campaign, be prepared to put the work in.

These are just a few common problems that can limit your marketing automation strategy. Visit Lead Liaison’s marketing automation marketing automation resource blog online to learn about more.