Connect Your B2B Sales and Marketing Teams with Marketing Automation

Connect Your B2B Sales and Marketing Teams with Marketing AutomationB2B sales and marketing practices have different objectives but the same goal: revenue generation. While marketing builds awareness and begins the engagement process, sales connects directly with prospects ready to buy. Often the challenge for many companies is aligning sales and marketing to accomplish the goal.

Enter marketing automation. Sales and marketing departments can now be aligned through the use of marketing automation software, such as our Lead Management Automation™ solution. MA improves sales strategies and marketing strategies by providing a conduit that bridges both departments through data sharing. Sales can see current and past automated marketing campaigns while marketing can link campaigns with conversion rates.

A marketing automation solution like our Lead Management Automation software provides sales and marketing alignment in several ways:

  1. Lead Capture – Marketers and sales agents can identify digital leads by lead source, company attributes, geographic region, and other parameters.
  2. Lead Qualification and Scoring – Leads captured through digital marketing campaigns are systematically advanced through a qualification process that segments leads into hot, warm, and cold buckets, which sales and marketing managers can review to determine if the lead scoring model is effectively placing leads in the appropriate buckets.
  3. Lead Intelligence – Both departments can review data gathered through digital marketing campaigns to determine if marketing assets are collecting information effectively and sales is using this lead intelligence effectively to close sales.
  4. Lead Management – Sales and marketing teams can manage leads more effectively by coordinating marketing campaign delivery with sales activities.
  5. Lead Distribution – Tools like our real time alerts and sales activity scheduler allow marketing to distribute leads to sales through CRM integration, providing a seamless connection between both functions.
  6. Marketing Analytics – Our marketing automation software provides detailed performance metrics that allow marketing and sales to evaluate targeting, messaging, and lead generation effectiveness.

With the use of our Lead Management Automation platform, your company can align its sales and marketing practices to provide higher conversion rates. If you are struggling with how to effectively align sales and marketing, contact a knowledgeable Lead Liaison account representative today.