Better Lead Management using Marketing Automation

Better Lead Management using Marketing AutomationLead management drives business. Being able to gather, nurture, and direct leads is a fundamental aspect of every company’s success. Marketing automation has streamlined this process into a highly-effective machine that produces leads with a 50% higher conversion rate than traditional marketing. It provides better lead management using automated software combined with a personalized approach to target leads efficiently and effectively. Here’s how you can achieve better lead management using marketing automation.

Driven by Lead’s Online Activity

Marketing automation sources leads based on their online behavior and demographic profile. This gives marketers the ability to tap into a lead’s buying process to determine how they research and source their purchases. It is focused on the links they click on, the pages they visit, as well as the demographic characteristics that they volunteer during online registrations.

Measures Activity Using Lead Scoring

Online activity is measured using lead scoring criteria to determine which leads have the highest potential for conversion, resulting in better lead management. It gives higher priority to leads with recent activity and it degrades leads based on periods of inactivity. Lead scoring also attaches a value to each lead based on their professional information and the behavior they have exhibited on a website.

Gives Sales Only Qualified Leads

By comparing leads to an ideal customer profile using lead scoring, marketing can determine where each lead is at in their buying process and how likely they are to convert. Only qualified sales leads with the highest scores are passed onto the sales department, so their time is never wasted on leads that have a low potential for conversion.

Offers Further Lead Nurturing for Leads that are Not Ready

Unqualified or cold leads are redirected back into the lead nurturing program until their engagement level increases. Lead nurturing offers potential consumers answer to their most frequently asked questions. It is personalized and relevant content that provides leads with free advice in an effort to build trust in a particular brand.

Creates Strong Relationship with Leads

Since leads are first profiled and then nurtured, marketing automation has the power to create a strong relationship with the lead prior to the purchasing being made. Effective lead nurturing will establish a company as being a trustworthy expert in their field. If the lead nurturing program is effective, leads will feel like they can rely on the free information provided by the business. This will also make them feel more confident in their decision to buy.

Lead management is a complex process that used to require a team of marketing professionals. It can now be efficiently managed using marketing automation software that is driven by potential lead’s online behavior and demographic profile. It generates more qualified leads and nurtures undecided leads until they are ready to make a decision. It also builds trust between lead and supplier. There is no doubt that better lead management can be achieved using marketing automation.