Marketing Automation for Small Companies

Marketing Automation for Small CompaniesIf you’re thinking marketing automation is only for big businesses, think again. Marketing automation for small companies is available now. Historically, micro, small and medium sized businesses (typically <= $5M in sales) couldn’t afford marketing automation systems. It used to be a requirement to spend six figures on a professional program. With the introduction of scalable features and pricing in software packages such as Lead Liaison’s, small companies can benefit from marketing automation.

Putting economics aside, let’s discuss why marketing automation for small companies is advantageous. Most small companies share many of the same problems. For example, they

• need more leads
• have limited sales and marketing resources
• need to understand their market and audience better
• have fairly primitive marketing processes

Marketing automation for small companies will help a business appear larger than they actually are by automating marketing processes such as email marketing, drip nurturing, lead response, lead follow up and more. Small companies also benefit from marketing automation through automated lead qualification technology. Marketing automation what leads are interested in by tracking search words, pages viewed and place a score on the lead (lead scoring) to help prioritize hot leads for sales. Systems such as Lead Liaison also include unique “Buy Signals”. Buy Signals are triggered when prospects and/or customers express certain conditions indicative of a potential sale. Here are a few additional reasons why marketing automation for small companies is ideal:

1. Capturing leads via lead capture technology – creates a new source of leads, vital for any small business.
2. Closed loop email marketing – helps an organization raise awareness of their solutions and boosts brand awareness. A “closed loop” alerts sales of leads that are genuinely interested saving precious time with trade show or webinar follow up.
3. Building relationships with customers and prospects via lead nurturing – automates sending of relevant and personalized communication based on your prospect’s interests.
4. Know how leads find your site – connecting search words and page views with a visiting website company via lead tracking.
5. Consolidated activity into a single repository via CRM integration.

If you’re in search of marketing automation for small companies look no further and reach out to Lead Liaison. We’d love to help.

Are you a small company using marketing automation? If yes, how has marketing automation helped you?

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