Rely on Year Round Marketing for CPAs

Marketing Automation for CPAs

Marketing for CPAs. Consider it.

Marketing for CPAs isn’t always something small business leaders have time to think about. If you’re a CPA working right now, you’re probably buried in tax season type stuff. Onboarding a new marketing program – particularly a marketing automation program – might not be one of the topmost things in your mind at this particular moment. Should it be?

Marketing needs to happen year round – whether you’re at your busiest or could use a break from the influx of new clients, we find that CPAs often neglect marketing activities when tax season rolls around. Even seasonally hired help does little to tamp the wave of clients coming in.

Good marketing for CPAs shouldn’t be about just getting that one-time tax client, but should involve getting a client on a more permanent basis whose finances you can manage throughout the year. Using marketing automation to onboard new clients and prove yourself a thought leader in your industry can provide more resources for getting new clients than you ever thought possible.

Becoming a Thought Leader?

So, what exactly is a thought leader? If you’re a thought leader, you’re providing a valuable wealth of informational resources to clients – becoming the “go to person” clients look to when they have a question about their finances.

You can establish your credibility in your field through applied marketing automation. Working with professionals who can help you determine what kind of content your audience is looking for, how you can release it on a schedule that won’t create another full-time job for you and how you can use tracking to gauge its reception is an important route to maximized marketing for CPAs.

Your Competition Isn’t Doing This

CPAs who get the best and highest volume of clients are already doing some of this – they’re out there creating and releasing great content – but many are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars a month to marketing agencies rather than using marketing automation and its built-in resources to succeed.

Marketing automation is one of the best-kept secrets out there when it comes to marketing for CPAs. Some of our out-of-the-box solutions are customized for folks in the financial planning field – we’d love the opportunity to show you how marketing automation, thought leadership and robust marketing for CPAs can revitalize your business. This way, you won’t have to look at tax season as your payout period- you can work with clients who rely on your leadership and expertise all year long.

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