Marketing Automation for Financial Services

Marketing Automation for Financial ServicesAs our marketing automation solutions are being adopted by companies in more industries, we thought it would be helpful to explain how marketing automation for financial services companies such as accounting firms or financial advisors will help them. Many firms lack fully staffed marketing departments; typically one or two individuals are responsible for the multitude of marketing activities required to compete in the financial services space. The Lead Management Automation (LMA) platform allows financial services firms to execute robust marketing campaigns and manage leads that enter the sales pipeline more efficiently.

Marketing practices involve creating digital assets like email messages and display ads, delivering marketing assets to target markets, capturing lead information from inquiries, and preparing leads for initial contact. Fostering relationships can be accelerated when staff has the ability to examine lead information, determine the most likely customers, and manage leads through a sales pipeline. Because financial services often have limited marketing resources to perform these tasks, this technology becomes more attractive.

Some of the benefits of our Lead Management Automation platform for financial services companies include:

  • Delivering digital marketing content through automated schedules
  • Identifying lead sources from financial services networks and third-party referrers and Web publishers
  • Gaining visibility into clients specific pain points and interest drivers
  • Alerting staff to up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Automatically qualifying leads for sales-readiness through parameters set within the platform (grading, scoring, buy signals, etc.)
  • Cultivating (nurturing) leads through progressively engaging messages that educate and engage the market
  • Dynamic prospect list segmentation which automatically organizes and prioritizes leads
  • Devoting limited resources to the hottest leads based upon their online behaviors and demographic attributes

Although many financial services companies use traditional marketing and personal relationship tactics such as client and business partner referrals, hosting seminars, and other non-digital means, today’s financial services company is likely using the Internet to research potential firms. Financial services companies looking to stay competitive should find out how easy our Lead Management Automation platform is to implement and how the rich features can boost your revenue rate and target the best leads.

While it is true that the financial services industry is more heavily regulated than other industries, automated marketing practices can nonetheless be implemented. To find out how our Lead Management Automation platform can streamline time-consuming marketing activities and help prioritize and manage leads, contact our sales department at or call 888 895 3237.