Marketing Automation is Too Expensive!

Marketing Automation is Too ExpensiveOccasionally we’ll come across prospects that say “marketing automation is too expensive”. Obviously, that’s a subjective opinion as no two companies are the same and every company’s situation is different. It’s true that marketing automation software is value-based depending on the set of services used. The first mistake is looking at marketing automation as an example. Instead, look at it as an investment. Here are some highlights to help you look past the “expense” and consider the investment.

Analyze your current marketing spend and free up some money

  • Marketing automation will help you measure the return on your current marketing efforts. For example, Lead Liaison will help your company understand which lead sources, marketing campaigns and marketing programs produce the most leads, customers and ultimately revenue. If you’re not doing that now you’re probably wasting money on marketing that produces little results. Stop measuring activity and start measuring results.
  • If you’ve still got trepidation, assess your current marketing efforts and cut out the programs that aren’t helping you save money or make money.
  • Consider dropping a trade show or marketing campaign with a 3rd party. Usually this savings is enough to swap out in exchange for the investment in marketing automation.

Our technology will make you money

  • Discover new opportunities. 98% of your website traffic is currently hidden. Think about your average sales price. How many new deals would we need to help you find until the investment pays for itself?
  • Prospects will make bigger purchases. It’s a fact that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases. That’s hard to argue since nurturing helps build relationships, trust and keeps your company top of mind with your prospects.
  • Prospects will buy faster. Nurtured leads buy 23% faster. Sales people are continually faced with the question, “what can you do for me now”. None of them would complain about shortening the sales cycle.

Our technology will save you money

  • Sales reps will be more efficient. Sales people will save precious time digging through data and mining a flat database with Buy Signal alerts, key indicators pushed out to reps, and a hot lead dashboard that will help sales know where to focus their time.
  • Morale will be higher. When sales is closing more deals, fed fresh new opportunities, gaining precious insight into buyer behavior their morale will be higher. Sales will have a better appreciation for marketing too. With spirits at an all time high and sales and marketing alignment in place your company will be clicking on all cylinders. When the excitement level is high your team will be more productive.
  • Marketing will be way more efficient. We still find companies using spreadsheets to track their data or dig through marketing messages for opens and click throughs. We’ll help marketing automate and simplify their tasks, such as nurturing, qualification, content creation, social media engagement and more. Higher efficiency equals reduced costs.

Look at a simple ROI

  • Let’s simplify this. You spend a lot of money on your company’s website, your sales force and your marketing team. We can turn your website into a sales person for you. We’ll generate new deals for you and help feed them to sales. Sales will be more productive and you’ll get more for your money.

Have us work with you on a detailed ROI

  • Not convinced yet? No worries. Please allow us to work on a detailed ROI for you and prove to you that this is an investment you can’t afford to pass up.

Yes, let’s talk about the ROI for my company