SEO Strategies Require an End-to-End Solution

We Need an SEO Strategy FirstMarketing Automation Excuse: We Need an SEO Strategy First

The purpose of SEO is to generate quality leads from otherwise unidentified sources.

A good SEO strategy is going to deliver X number of visitors to your website.  You paid for 100% of those visitors, yet industry statistics show that on average, only 2% of those visitors are likely to identify themselves.    This is even more unnerving when you consider the increasing costs of SEO, and diminishing returns which market pressures are placing on the SEO industry.

With SEO & MA working in tandem, you are likely to be able to identify 10-100% of your SEO generated visitors depending on your technology and approach.  Using SEO by itself is like buying a Boat & Fishing License (SEO), but not bring a net (Marketing Automation).  Marketers that recommend SEO without MA are doing just that!

It gets more dramatic

While there are many solutions for visitor tracking and reporting, not all solutions are the same.  In fact, some companies stop at generic analytics!

Here is the problem: Visitor reporting does not help you distinguish serious prospects from college kids researching your company for an upcoming paper.

A quality program will not only track but will score a prospective individual’s demonstrated actions/interests.   SEO does not track quality.  Quality Marketing Automation programs like Lead Liaison will!

In conclusion

There is a strong synergy created when companies use a quality SEO strategy in conjunction with a program like Lead Liaison’s Marketing Automation platform.  Any progressive marketing strategy that involves SEO must also include Marketing Automation at the outset in order to justify the value of the potential value of an SEO investment.