Is Your Company Ready to Adopt Marketing Automation?

Is Your Company Ready to Adopt Marketing Automation?If your company is experience a period of growth, or worse, a period of stagnation after a period of growth, you may wonder how you can effectively market to all of your new leads and customers. While you may have heard of marketing automation, it can be tough to decide to switch your business over to a new approach to marketing, especially if you have been doing things a certain way for a long time. Here are some common issues businesses face before realizing their company is ready to adopt marketing automation.

The Competition is Gaining an Edge

If it seems like your immediate competitors are pulling ahead of you in sales or their ability to penetrate market share, they may have already upgraded their marketing strategies to incorporate marketing automation. If this is the case, you will need a new set of tools to interact with leads consistently and effectively. Marketing automation is the perfect answer to competitive pressure.

Your Company’s Growth is Making Marketing Difficult to Scale

If your sales and marketing teams have a hard time scaling up their efforts to personalize marketing materials to new leads and existing customers, marketing automation can be an invaluable tool. With marketing automation, prepared marketing content can quickly and automatically be personalized to all of your leads and customers, freeing up marketing teams to design new content and develop strategies and sales teams to focus on making sales.

Your Sales Team is Wasting Time Due to Lack of Lead Scoring

If your sales team expends energy on leads that aren’t interested because there isn’t a dependable lead scoring system in place, then marketing automation can help. Marketing automation builds a database of leads and then, through a process of evaluating the behavior exhibited by a lead and any demographic data available, qualifies the lead and assigns a lead score. This lead score lets your sales team know whether or not a lead is ready to be contacted directly. And if a lead is not, marketing automation software can insert a lead into a lead nurturing program and notify sales when the lead is qualified.

Your Sales Team is Marketing at Random

If you’re spending a lot on marketing but not seeing the results you expect, then it may be because your marketing team doesn’t have a method to direct marketing materials at the correct audience. In this case, high-quality marketing is being misdirected at a largely uncaring public when it could be delivered directly to interested leads. Marketing automation gives you the tools to see how an audience reacts to marketing materials so you can focus on the material and the audience that is working for you.

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