Leveraging the Power of Automated Text Messaging

Automated Text MessagingMany people feel their relationships with their mobile technology – particularly smart phones- is sacred, limiting the opportunity for businesses to use automated text messaging and similar services to market their products. Many businesses overstepped their boundaries with automated text messaging, resulting in unsubscribes and giving text solicitation a bad name.

Fortunately, not all text messaging to potential clients is bad or unwanted. The key to working with bulk text messaging automation is understanding what clients want to see from you as well as proper segmentation. Blasting customers on the same list over and over again with daily texts is sure to get you bounces early on in the process.

So, how can you approach customers with automated text messaging in a way that doesn’t irritate the customer, but creates a conversion opportunity for your products or services?

Split Your List

Text messaging is something you should definitely take it easy on – messages should be brief, concise and sent infrequently. The lack of frequency requires a solid commitment to delivering only the most important messaging. That’s why it’s so important to split your list – make sure that the messaging you send out reaches the right clients.

Segment lists based on special offers, reminding clients when a certain promotion or webinar is taking place or announce contests. Make unsubscribe options very easy for clients to meet federal regulations. Ensuring you deliver the right kind of messaging to the right subscription list will decrease your chances of high unsubscribes.

Also, keep time frames in mind. Customers don’t want to receive texts from you on a daily basis. Avoid texting on holidays when clients may be enjoying time with their families and will only be distracted or annoyed by messaging.

Automated Text Messaging That Works

It’s important to work with a service that will allow you to segment lists and use text messaging for a variety of purposes. You can also create company lists that will allow you to remind employees of important meetings or office functions. You can use bulk texting to broadcast weather updates that affect work hours or keep your employees in the know about any other important happenings.

Bulk text messaging allows customers and even employees to stay on top of what’s happening at your organization. If used the right way with the best service provider, text messaging can provide some return on your investment.

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