Why Marketing Automation is an Advantage

Why Marketing Automation is Actually an AdvantageThere has been considerable debate whether or not marketing automation is actually a disadvantage, since it automates such a crucial part of the customer experience. Many old-school marketers question the ability to really connect with customers using an automated computer software program. What these uninformed marketers don’t realize is that it takes a real person to make marketing automation successful. Here’s why marketing automation is an advantage.

Marketing Automation Success Requires Real People

Investing in marketing automation does not mean that you are putting the success of your future sales in the hands of a machine. It takes a skilled marketer with extensive business experience to run the software program effectively. They need to understand the typical consumer and know how to convince them to believe in your brand.

Marketing Automation is Run by Marketing Specialists

A real person (or a team of marketing professionals) will be necessary to establish the behavioral and demographic criteria that will be used for ranking and qualifying leads that are captured by the software. Businesses will also need to invest in a talented creative writer that is able to produce compelling lead nurturing content. A computer program cannot generate content worthy enough for your leads.

The Final Sale still relies on Your Sales Team

The final sales conversion is also done by a real person. Once a lead has shown significant potential, the sales staff will be notified by text or email, so they can contact the lead and complete the transaction. This is an incredible advantage of marketing automation, since your sales team will only be pursuing pre-qualified leads and customers will still have the advantage of dealing with a live person when they are ready to make their purchase.

Other Advantages of Marketing Automation

The automated aspect of marketing automation has its own merits. It does streamline the lead profiling process and make it significantly easier to gather new leads. In my opinion, it has the perfect combination of personalization and automation.

Marketing automation is actually an advantage that can strengthen customer relations because it is controlled by real people. Although an automated program simplifies the lead gathering and visitor tracking portion, it still takes real people to make it successful. You can find further of evidence of the actually advantages behind marketing automation by reading this great article I found on Marketing Automation.

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