Lead Liaison Leaps Competitors with Easiest to Use Marketing Automation Software

Lead Liaison continues to make strides as the easiest to use marketing automation software in the industry. The company announced major enhancements to its user interface and user experience including more tightly integrated email marketing and surveys as well as blank slates that include explainer videos, tips, shortcuts and help.

According to the Marketing Automation Report by Holger Schulze, which surveyed close to 1,000 B2B marketers, 56% of marketers looked at cost of ownership and 50% considered ease of use/learning curve when asked what criteria they used to evaluate marketing automation platforms. Since ease of use plays an important factor in lowering total cost of ownership and reducing learning curves, Lead Liaison has stepped up its investment in this area to make the experience better and further separate themselves from competitors.

Other industry providers such as Marketo, HubSpot and Act-On have complicated interfaces and complex user experiences that lack continuity. Moreover, most marketing automation vendors refer customers to third parties for training and consulting with their platforms, resulting in higher total cost of ownership. Conversely, Lead Liaison’s user experience is amazingly consistent across key capabilities of marketing automation, including lead nurturinglead scoringlead gradinglead distribution and more – a unique advantage for customers. The company also prides itself on providing unlimited, complementary training to drive adoption whereas others charge for training.

One challenge marketing automation vendors have had is getting users to adopt more of the platform. The 80-20 rule is in play with marketing automation. Eighty percent of the people who have it use only 20% of its capability. Lead Liaison expects to turn the table on these numbers with a goal of getting all users using at least 80% of the platforms features.

We’re so excited about our new user experience. It’s going to make it much easier for our customers to tap into new features. The blank slates for each major category (nurturing, scoring, etc.) provide help videos, tips, shortcuts and more. Inline video support within our application is one-of-a-kind in the industry. We’re totally pumped to see a new level of engagement from these improvements as well as an influx of new prospects that realize the benefit of shorter learning curves and lower total cost of ownership.

Lead Liaison is a software company that provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions. The company markets to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, and focuses on creating the broadest and most user-friendly Revenue Generation Software™ platform. It’s innovative and robust software combines lead capture, real-time lead tracking, lead qualification, lead distribution, database segmentation, lead nurturing, content creation, social media engagement and ROI reporting into a single platform.