Lead Liaison and Administrate Team Up to Educate Training Companies on Scaling Marketing

Allen, TX – Lead Liaison and Administrate teamed up this week to conduct a live webinar covering challenges that training and development companies face when managing their marketing and sales efforts. “How Training Companies Can Scale Marketing” focused on the many ways marketing automation complements and supports training efforts.

The webinar had a fantastic turnout. Companies across the globe dialed in to listen to hosts Ryan Schefke, Customer Success Manager at Lead Liaison, and Troy Michels, Chief Product Officer at Administrate, discuss their joint solutions.

What’s specifically unique about this webinar is that Administrate is a Lead Liaison customer as well as a partner.  “We use our own tools in addition to Lead Liaison for our sales process, so we know how this works first hand,” says Troy Michels at Administrate.

The event focused on how training and development companies can scale marketing, pass qualified leads to sales, and how to progress those leads through the sales funnel to revenue. It comes on the heels of a recent integration announced earlier in the year. Businesses can now combine the power of both solutions to strengthen relationships, provide sales insight, scale operations, and manage training sales funnels.

The event also revealed some interesting statistics about training companies. Less than half of attendees (42%) reported experience with marketing automation, and 46% of attendees were not able to say with confidence that their leads were being nurtured. Sixty-three percent of attendees said they could not confidently predict revenue for the next month. The webinar addressed how Lead Liaison’s marketing automation solution, paired with Administrate’s training management system, could automate nurturing and help predict revenue.

A recording of the webinar can be found here. To learn more about Administrate and Lead Liaison’s partnership, visit this webpage. Lead Liaison and Administrate used GoToWebinar as their webinar hosting platform, however they managed the entire invitation, reminder, and follow-up process inside of Lead Liaison’s marketing automation platform. More information on how to run a webinar can be found here.

About Administrate

Administrate is one of Scotland’s fastest growing startups and serves hundreds of customers, thousands of users, and millions of students across six continents. In January 2016, Administrate was selected as one of the UK’s most promising startups for Tech City UK’s Upscaleaccelerator program. In 2017 the company was selected as one of the “Top 20 Training Delivery Companies” in the world by Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, the firm also has a USA office in Bozeman, Montana, and Middle East presence in Beirut, Lebanon. The company employs more than 60 people globally.

About Lead Liaison
Lead Liaison provides cloud-based sales and marketing automation solutions that helps businesses accelerate revenue by attracting, converting, closing and retaining more prospects. Filling a void in the small pool of marketing automation providers that focus on marketing-centric functionality, Lead Liaison gives equal focus to sales providing sophisticated visitor tracking and additional website engagement tools to boost sales effectiveness. Lead Liaison blends ease-of-use, a flexible business model, deep external integration, marketing across social, web, mobile, email and offline channels and powerful functionality, all specifically tailored for mid-sized businesses, into a single platform, called Revenue Generation Software®. Lead Liaison is headquartered in Allen, Texas, near Dallas. For more information, visit or call 1-800-89-LEADS (895-3237).

Why Your Marketing Automation Company Should Play Well With Others

Plays Well with OthersWhen you’re a kid, adults constantly remind you that it’s important that you play well with others. That lesson is important on into adulthood – people don’t like someone who is difficult to work with. This concept is also an important characteristic of your marketing automation platform. Ideally, you would want to do most of your marketing and sales work within your marketing automation platform (like sending emails, creating web forms, etc.). But what happens when you have a separate platform that you are required to use outside of your marketing automation system? Don’t let that work be lost or untrackable.

As a company who listens to it’s users, Lead Liaison prides itself on being flexible and adapting to current and relevant needs. We know that one of the most important integrations is the communication with your Client Relationship Manager (CRM). That’s why we integrate with many CRMs – our Salesforce integration being the most powerful. We also integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, Insightly, Base, and many more!

What about emails? We’ve got that covered – and then some. If you’re not going to be using our super-easy Email Marketing Tools (you really should, though!), we integrate with many email platforms. We also have built-in capabilities to track and provide real-time browser notifications for emails sent through Google Chrome (Gmail) or Outlook via our Send & Track feature.

CRMs and Email platforms are two very important areas of integration. But that’s certainly not all that we offer. Social media platforms, productivity tools, video hosting sites, payment gateways…you name it. We’ve got it covered. To see a full list of our integrations, click here.

To see our Press Release regarding Integrations, click here.

Interested in getting a demo of these powerful integrations? Click here.

Lead Liaison Debuts Integrations Marketplace

One of the most vital parts of a marketing automation partner is their level of integration with other key platforms in the marketplace. Lead Liaison realizes the importance of this, and has built a robust list of integrations. From CRMs to Social to Tools and Productivity, their robust marketing automation suite has it all covered. Lead Liaison integrates with over 400 3rd-party applications. In addition to native integrations, their full-featured API and Zap offer additional ways to connect the system’s capabilities to other applications and create personalized integrations. Their fully extensible sales and marketing system can be tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes.


It’s important to have a company’s CRM, the central hub for contacts, accounts, and opportunities, and marketing automation suite communicate with each other. Lead Liaison’s levels of communication go deep with Customer Relationship Management tools like Salesforce and Pipedrive. Powerful integrations also include Base, Insightly, Microsoft Dynamics, ConnectWise, Zoho CRM, and more!

Marketing and Communication

What if users had the ability to track opens, clickthroughs, and subsequent website activity from individual, one-to-one emails? Lead Liaison has built-in capabilities to track and provide real-time browser notifications with emails sent through Google Chrome (Gmail) and Outlook with Send & Track. And, although Lead Liaison provides an easy-to-use email builder right within their application, they also understand the need to integrate with other email providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more.


In today’s world, social media is an important piece of marketing and sales. But, managing several platforms can get confusing and time-consuming. Lead Liaison offers the ability to post to platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with the push of one button. In addition to that, the marketing automation suite uses thousands of social data points from over 100 different social networks to enrich profile records. This gives more insight for sales, and helps marketers better target and retarget their database.

Tools and Productivity

GoToWebinar, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, ZoomInfo, and WordPress are some of the more well-known productivity tools that Lead Liaison connects to. They also connect to 28+ payment gateways, making it easier for companies like nonprofits or other B2C companies to make financial transactions without leaving their “home base”.

“We’re excited to showcase these powerful integrations, because it exposes just how seamless everything can be for our users. Removing friction from our user experience makes it easy to get things done. And don’t we all want more ways to make our jobs easier and more efficient?” – Jen Worsham, Director of Marketing

In addition to the multiple, natively integrated solutions on the integrations page, Lead Liaison offers the ability to connect with over 400 third party applications utilizing the powers of Zapier.

About Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison provides cloud-based sales and marketing automation solutions that helps businesses accelerate revenue by attracting, converting, closing and retaining more prospects. Filling a void in the small pool of marketing automation providers that focus on marketing-centric functionality, Lead Liaison gives equal focus to sales providing sophisticated visitor tracking and additional website engagement tools to boost sales effectiveness. Lead Liaison blends ease-of-use, a flexible business model, deep external integration, marketing across social, web, mobile, email and offline channels and powerful functionality, all specifically tailored for mid-sized businesses, into a single platform, called Revenue Generation Software®. Lead Liaison is headquartered in Allen, Texas, near Dallas. For more information, visit or call 1-800-89-LEADS (895-3237).


Lead Liaison Integrates with Pipedrive

PipedriveWhen two great forces come together, the results can be powerful. That’s what has happened here. The robust marketing automation platform Lead Liaison announces their valuable integration with CRM software company Pipedrive.

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive proves themselves time and time again, winning awards like  “Best Enterprise SaaS B2B in 2015”. With over 30,000 customers, and reaching across more than 140 countries, Pipedrive helps companies manage complex sales processes. They were the perfect candidate for collaboration. “Many of our clients are devoted users of Pipedrive,” says Director of Marketing and Client Relations, Jen Worsham. “It was a clear choice to build out our integration capabilities with Pipedrive. Now, the communication between both platforms is seamless, which makes our customers very happy.”


The integration enables users to export records from Lead Liaison into Pipedrive. Data is pushed from the system into the CRM instantaneously. The Salespeople can easily create new lead records in Pipedrive from a variety of areas within Lead Liaison’s platform, such as a visitor tracking dashboard, prospect profile, or lists.

For example, If someone from a prospective company visited a businesses website, the goal is to find a good contact and push that information into Pipedrive. Utilizing Lead Liaison’s website visitor tracking to identify companies and Lead Liaison’s ZoomInfo add-on module, salespeople can find contacts that are linked to that company, making it even easier to drill down and find the very best contact.


The integration saves people a lot of time. Salespeople and marketers don’t have to manually enter prospect’s contact and company information into their CRM. “This CRM integration is amazing for companies that have a business development team that want to find new leads and new opportunities, and need to share that information with the rest of their sales team by pushing it into their CRM,” Worsham says. It saves a considerable amount of time with data entry, and reduces errors since users aren’t having to manually type things in. This integration also gives customers visibility into their clients’ behaviors by gathering information about their web activity and responsiveness to their marketing efforts.

But wait! There’s more!

Users can utilize the tools of Zapier, a middlewear platform that helps connect applications, one application to another. Lead Liaison provides both a “trigger” and an “action”, which is input into Zapier’s Zap. This allows users to do things in Lead Liaison when specific events happen in Pipedrive, and vice versa. Adding Prospects into an automated workflow, creating or updating Prospects, tagging Prospects, and adding Prospects to a List is easier now than ever! And, it’s all automatically synchronized with Pipedrive.

Together, the Lead Liaison Pipedrive Connector and Zapier integration provide a bi-directional communication bridge between Pipedrive and Lead Liaison, enabling the two systems to be updated with key information at the right time.

How to Take Action

When a company is ready to strengthen their sales and marketing team’s efficiency, the implementation is a breeze. With a license to Lead Liaison’s Marketing Automation software (Lead Management Automation (LMA)™), users simply input their Pipedrive credentials into Lead Liaison’s Pipedrive Connector. It takes longer to pour a cup of coffee than it takes to integrate.


Reflections on Marketing Automation in 2016

Reflections on Marketing AutomationWe live in a time of extraordinary change. Marketing has come a long way in a small amount of time. And the industry is just continuing to refine itself! To be able to entirely appreciate the current state of marketing automation, it’s best to briefly acknowledge where it has been.

Marketing automation first came into existence in 1992, focusing on email alone. Businesses did not have a lot of online presence at the time, so there wasn’t really a huge opportunity for it to take off until the late 2000’s. Now, it has grown its capabilities so greatly that it is able to help companies deliver various marketing content through different channels to customers based on their online behavior.

As digital platforms become increasingly more powerful, there is more untapped data at our fingertips than ever. The need for organizing, integrating, and maximizing the benefits of that data has become essential. The phrase “work smarter, not harder” rings true. We have access to increasing demographic, psychographic, historical, and behavioral information. It’s information overload!

Marketing Automation now has the ability to capture all of this data, listen to it, interpret it, and utilize it in the most effective ways possible. The field of marketing automation is something that started small, exploded, and is now refining itself. Technology is more intuitive. Platforms are becoming easier to navigate. Consequently, the tools are more often used to their fullest potential.  Companies such as us have mastered content personalization, customizable resource centers, and integration.

What’s to Come in Marketing Automation

The marketing automation industry is somewhat saturated. This can be beneficial to the end user, in that companies must listen to their clients’ needs, wishes, and dreams. Even more customization, personalization and integration (with systems like mail or additional CRMs) is in the near future.

Another thing that is fast-approaching is an upgrade to the customer journey, or more specifically customer journey optimization. Instead of combining many customers’ courses of action into a few general paths, automation is challenged to grow to support infinite customer journeys. According to industry expert David Raab, this is “quite different from pre-determining an ideal customer journey and trying to force customers to follow it.” The industry seems to be taking back control over the user experience, instead of just reacting to it.

It’s an exciting time in marketing automation. With every challenge comes greater exploration and innovation. What do you see on the horizon for the industry? We look forward to hearing your feedback below!

Integrate CRM And Marketing Automation For Best Results

Integrate CRM And Marketing Automation For Best ResultsThink your standalone CRM can drive your business? Try to integrate CRM and marketing automation for  best results. One of the great challenges of marketing in the new landscape of online business is the fact that while your prospective customers have every opportunity to inspect your business and services, your sales team has very few opportunities to learn about new leads. Sure, strategic marketing can certainly help you attract the clientele that will gain the most from your services, but unless a customer offers you information, your sales people are sometimes flying blind.

In order to give your sales force information on the customers that they are approaching, one of the most effective ways to obtain information is by using a CRM, such as Through these programs, you can gain information such as web visits, e-mail opens and video views to gain some insight into their interests and purchasing inclinations, giving your marketing and sales teams a degree of insight into the character of their leads. However, this still has an issue – all this data can be overwhelming, and isn’t entirely useful in cold, hard blocks. The solution? Integrating your CRM with marketing automation software, such as Lead Liaison.

Lead Liaison was designed from the ground up to integrate with CRMs, take the data provided, and deliver it into meaningful statistical representation of individual leads and your customer base as a whole. Integrating marketing automation software with a CRM means that all the data your sales team needs is contained in one easy to use interface, so your sales team will be able to move seamlessly from accessing the data they need to make sales.

Benefits of CRM and Marketing Integration

It pays dividends to integrate CRM and marketing automation. One of the primary functions of Lead Liaison is to use the data collected by a CRM, such as search terms used and total visits, and record them into a contact record within your CRM. Once this contact information is prepared, an algorithm compiling information such as geography, job title, and revenue is used to assign a lead grade and to tell your sales team how likely an individual is to be interested in purchasing your company’s product or services. This grade is used in conjunction with factors like buy signals on Lead Liaison’s hot lead dashboard, called Briefcase, where leads are given a lead score that helps your sales people make the sales your company needs.

Another great feature that is possible with the integration of a CRM with marketing automation software is lead nurturing. Just because a lead isn’t ready to purchase your services at the time of contact, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever be. Lead nurturing maintains a low level relationship with the customer with automated contact such as occasional e-mails, all while continuing to track the leads behavior through your CRM. If that lead exhibits behavior that indicates they may once again be interesting in your services, a sales member is alerted, so they can contact the customer.

This are just some of the great benefits that are possible with CRM and marketing automation. Visit Lead Liaison’s marketing automation resources on the web to find out about more.