Are You Ready to Deploy Marketing Automation Software?

Deploy Marketing AutomationIf you’re considering deploying marketing automation software, you may have wondered if your business is actually ready for the change.  After all, adopting software is an already risky venture if you’re not prepared and if you do it too soon, it can be a disaster.  Let’s take a look at why you might be ready to deploy marketing automation software.

Decreased Conversions and Inability to Scale

Having a significant decrease in sales conversions from your email marketing campaigns?  It might be time to implement marketing automation.  Marketing automation can help you move away from generic email messages by providing your prospects with relevant information that applies to their unique situation.  This will help you improve your conversion rate significantly.  If you’re having trouble figuring out how to deliver quality messages, then you have an inability to scale.  Marketing automation gives you real-time analytics and service communications that will win and keep customers.

High Cost Errors and Privacy Concerns

New privacy laws will soon be implemented and the rules regarding tracking of opt-ins and audit will be strict.  If you’re worried about execution of these new regulations and the consequences that come with them, you should probably add marketing automation to your business repertoire.  Tracking and compliance issues will be reduced with marketing automation software.  Because you’re doing your marketing manually, risk of human error is high.  Automation mitigates that risk ensuring that your emails get to the appropriate place.


Let’s face it – your competitors are probably already using marketing automation software.  Reaching prospects is done the most effectively by automation and this means that your competitors are reaching prospects faster than you.  Worse than that, it could mean that they’re reaching your customers more often than you.  If they are, it means that in all probability your customers are receiving more relevant content from someone else and are probably considering why they’re with you as opposed to another company.

Lead Scoring

If you want to align your marketing and sales teams, you should really consider trying to deploy marketing automation software.  Lead scoring will give you insight and prioritize your leads based on a slew of criteria:  demographics and prospect activity being the main two.  Automation platforms can provide you with a way to save time, money, and frustration of your marketers and sellers – and employee productivity and relationships are real features that can make the difference in your business thriving or failing.

Ensuring that you’re implementing marketing automation at the right time will ensure maximum effectiveness for your business and teams.  Making the move at the right time will significantly improve your chances of success as you utilize this new tool in marketing. Talk to the Lead Liaison team today about how deploying marketing automation can change your business for the better!