Telappliant Improves Lead Distribution Capabilities Through Lead Liaison’s Marketing Automation Platform

Telappliant Selects Lead Liaison for Lead Distribution and Marketing AutomationAllen, TX (PRWEB) June 1, 2013 – Telappliant, one of the United Kingdom’s first Internet telephony providers, has improved its lead distribution process by selecting Lead Liaison as its marketing automation vendor. Telappliant was a founding member of the Internet Telephony Service Provider Association and was one of the first VoIP providers in the UK. Among its customers are BBC, Vibrant Media, and WorldPay.

As a leader in VoIP deployment in the UK SME market, Telappliant has been delivering telephony solutions for over a decade and has built an impressive database of sales leads. Prior to selecting the Lead Management Automation (LMA) platform primarily for its superior lead distribution capabilities, Telappliant’s marketing team manually distributed leads to its sales team.

According to marketing manager Tommy Powell,

“The process was time-consuming in terms of human resources. Often we would spend at least one hour per day distributing leads generated through online forms and landing pages, more when we were running major marketing campaigns. Leads were checked and distributed several times per day and pushed through (This was) inefficient, as there were often delays between leads arriving and being distributed.”

Powell also noted that Telappliant’s previous lead management process provided “no way to automatically redistribute a lead if it was not…properly worked by a particular salesperson.” Through an integration between Lead Liaison’s LMA platform and’s CRM each lead is now distributed through an automated lead distribution process which includes a series of filters that ensure the lead is sent to the salesperson most likely to convert it based upon available capacity and strongest recent track record of closing similar leads. Leads are automatically redistributed if not worked in a timely manner. Round robin distribution, the “Hopper” and lead distribution analytics further complement Lead Liaison lead distribution capabilities.

Since adopting the Lead Management Automation platform for its lead distribution capabilities, Telappliant has seen a “marked improvement” in percentage of leads closed and a reduction in the average lead cycle. These improvements have led to increased revenue generation and a more efficient sales team.

Powell is excited about leveraging more of the software’s functionality. “We intend to gradually roll out additional functionality, starting with lead scoring/grading and lead nurturing. I expect this to work just as well as (the) lead distribution (function) has for us.”

Powell was quick to note that one of the primary criteria for selecting Lead Liaison as its marketing automation vendor was the “incredible level of customer service and support that we have received from the team at Lead Liaison. I can honestly say that the level, speed, and quality of service has been second to none.”

For more information about Lead Liaison’s marketing automation products or its support services contact Lead Liaison at 888 895 3237 or sales(at)leadliaison(dot)com.


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