Marketing Automation Makes Small Business Internet Marketing Easier

Marketing Automation Makes Small Business Internet Marketing EasierSmall business internet marketing is a full-time job in itself – and for many small business owners, its concepts and execution are unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, small businesses are able to access tools that will prove useful in self-managing their online marketing experiences. It’s simply no longer necessary to hire full-time or even part-time marketing employees. With marketing automation technologies, small business internet marketing can be a snap for business owners.

Owning the Learning Curve

Many small business owners are looking for the kinds of tools marketing automation has to offer, but end up balking at automated tools when it comes to the learning curve. Major businesses that offer marketing automation – Marketo, for example – are growing with a ferocity. More and more small business owners are considering automation tools for their internet marketing, but may feel inclined to turn their backs when they find out there are tools to learn.

Truthfully, small business internet marketing with automation tools is much easier than using multiple software and tools to keep track of small business internet marketing. At the end of the marketing auditing process, a small business owner may determine he or she needs services like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Crazy Egg heatmaps, only to discover these different services spit out metrics that are unmanageable in terms of quantity.

Small Business Internet Marketing and Lead Tracking

Additionally, these tools – even when used together – don’t tend to present a full marketing picture of offer tracking of specific leads. Only the right marketing automation tools can integrate a dashboard that reports on all areas of small business internet marketing. Marketing automation also gives small business owners the specific tools to see who’s visiting, what actions are being taken on the site and how deeply into their sales funnels the leads end up going.

Marketing automation and lead tracking is business intelligence data. Consumers tend to find that marketing automation tools have far less of a learning curve as compared to the various other internet metrics dashboards they end up using. For company owners who are seeking small business internet marketing tools,  the costs associated with marketing automation may end up being far less than hiring a full or part time marketing person or approaching the learning curve associated with multiple tracking channels.

Lead Liaison offers a suite of tools that can help business owners who need small business internet marketing understand their data. Best of all, top-of-the-industry support ensures the learning curve of marketing automation software is minimal. Give Lead Liaison a whirl today and start tracking your data all in one place!