Marketing Automation Needs a Human Touch

 Marketing Automation Needs a Human TouchWhile I was researching information on how I can improve the marketing automation strategies I employ for my clients, I came across a very interesting article that I had to share. In retrospect, I think it was the title of the article that really got my attention Marketing Automation – Set it and forget it!

The set it and forget it slogan is a popular catch phrase for a cooking appliance infomercial, but it was the thought behind it that really intrigued me. Although the automation aspect of marketing automation is what makes it more simplified and scalable, it is not what makes marketing automation work.

Marketing automation needs a human touch.

There has to be a knowledgeable marketing professional creating the scoring criteria, developing the lead nurturing content, and conducting the final sale. The vital components of marketing automation cannot be successfully managed without a human touch.

Human Profile Created by Humans

It takes a trained marketer to determine how a typical buyer should be evaluated. The software is not able to understand the relevance of each lead’s characteristics on its own. Most marketing automation experts, including myself, will recommend gathering your company’s marketing and sales professionals together to create a comprehensive list of relevant lead behavior and demographic characteristics.

Relevant Content Created By Humans   

There is software you can purchase that will spin articles, but the quality of the content is usually subpar. Articles that are not written by humans won’t be compelling enough to convert leads into customers. The content that is sent to potential leads should answer any questions a typical buyer may have while directing the lead towards making a purchase. Automated software is not capable of creating the level of content that your potential leads expect to receive.

Final Conversion Approached By Humans

Marketing automation software profiles and guides leads that are captured on a website, but the final sale should be done by an actual human. Many marketing automation strategist will have a system in place, like ours, where the sales staff is immediately notified by text or email if a lead shows a high likelihood of conversion. This way it is a person reassuring the lead they are making a sound buying decision.

Marketing automation requires human profiling, human content creation, and human conversion. The automated aspects will save time, but it is not meant to be a “set it and forget it” system. Online companies will see superior results by employing an experienced marketing automation expert to oversee the success of their marketing automation strategy.