Email Deliverability Best Practices

Collecting independent tips and suggestions on email deliverability best practices can be overwhelming, not to mention trying to understand what each suggestion/tip means. Don’t worry, Lead Liaison consolidated necessary tips and suggestions for you into a short checklist. Enclosed are two separate checklists. The first checklist contains items your marketing team can do independent from […]

Building a Lead Scoring Model

We posted a few articles over the past week on lead scoring, prioritizing leads and lead scoring criteria. Today, we’ll put this information to use and explain 5 simple steps to building a lead scoring model. 1. Hold an alignment meeting between sales and marketing 2. Categorize lead scoring events into 3 buckets 3. Define […]

Lead Scoring Criteria

Lead scoring is the process of automatically qualifying and prioritizing leads for sales. If you own revenue generation software and haven’t developed a lead scoring program yet or you’re considering investing in a lead scoring program you’re probably wondering how to get started. First, identify your lead scoring criteria. Businesses typically categorize lead scoring criteria […]

Prioritizing Leads

Most sales organizations rely on their marketing team to carry the “burden” of lead generation. Numerous lead sources exist, making sorting and prioritizing leads challenging for marketers. We know many marketers struggle prioritizing leads as experts sight 80% of all marketing leads passed to sales are unqualified. How can marketing prioritize leads? The answer is, […]

Dedicated IP Address for Email Marketing

Deliverability and reputation problems can occur if you are using a shared IP address to send out your emails while other senders use the same IP address. If the other senders emails get marked as spam or the shared IP address gets blacklisted your IP will be blacklisted and/or your emails will land in the […]

Marketing Automation Jobs

Are you looking for marketing automation jobs? Lead Liaison might be able to help. We interact with a number of businesses searching for marketing automation solutions. Many of these business lack resources or the right marketing automation “intelligence” to get a project off the ground. Whether you’re looking for full time marketing automation jobs or […]

What is Lead Nurturing?

Answering the question, “what is lead nurturing?”, is difficult for many companies especially those that think they already do lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is vitally important to lead management processes these days because of the fundamental change in the B2B buying process. B2B buyers are reluctant to engage with salespeople until they are deep into […]

Lead Follow Up

Does your organization struggle with lead follow up? Does your sales team have a less than stellar process responding to marketing generated leads? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions help is on the way. Follow 3 rules to lead follow up to help your company produce a higher number of well qualified […]

Sales Pipeline Stages

Marketers spend a lot of time on inbound marketing activities to drive traffic to their site; investing in SEO, thought leadership, trade shows, blogs, social media, and advertising are a few examples of inbound marketing. As awareness builds and new contacts enter the sales funnel it is important businesses define the right sales pipeline stages […]

Lead Nurturing Programs

Designing lead nurturing programs can be difficult especially if you don’t know where to start. We put together five sample programs to get you going. The programs range from simple one month programs to complex 12 month programs. Feel free to take these lead nurturing programs and customize them to fit your business. Remember, getting […]

Sales Tips – Part 2

Whether we admit it or not, everyone can learn something new especially when it comes to sales. We sat down with our team to draw from 100+ people years of sales experience. Through the years we’ve all collected some useful tips, tricks and best practices from sales experts. We culminated these ideas into a list […]

Risk of Not Using Revenue Generation Software

Experts estimate that only 2-5% of all companies use marketing automation, a component of revenue generation software. Businesses not using revenue generation software are at risk relative to their competitors who use these platforms. In this article we’ll look at the disadvantages of not using marketing automation and revenue generation software. Revenue generation software can […]

How to Make Marketing Automation Successful

Marketing automation has been around for over a decade. However, it’s only recently that awareness and adoption of marketing automation has increased exponentially. In this article we’ll discuss one of the major issues facing marketers when adopting a marketing automation system. By reading this article you’ll get a better understanding of how to make marketing […]

How Lead Nurturing Helps Sales

The majority of articles on lead nurturing are written from a marketing perspective. The benefits of lead nurturing for sales are rarely highlighted. Let’s take a moment to discuss how lead nurturing helps sales. Three key benefits of lead nurturing for sales: 1. Aligns the timing of a buyer and sales 2. Builds trusting relationships […]

Marketing Content

Marketers are tasked to continually create useful marketing content to disseminate to prospects, customers and partners. The advent of lead nurturing and marketing automation has further fueled the need to have a library of marketing content on hand. Additionally, marketing campaigns typically leverage marketing content for a call to action. However, creating effective content is […]