Cost of Marketing Automation

Cost of Marketing AutomationThe cost of marketing automation is about as difficult to figure out as marketing automation itself. Everyone and their mother claims they provide marketing automation. But, do they really offer it? And what is marketing automation anyways? I’m sure these are all the questions you’re asking. For now, let’s focus on the complex cost of marketing automation and how you can find a solution to simplify your life.

Several vendors introduce complex business models that will have you pulling out your hair when trying to calculate the cost of marketing automation. The majority of vendors use the following parameters to tally your fee:

  • Number of contacts in your database (or “active” contacts – same thing really)
  • Number of users
  • Initial training (jump start)
  • Training
  • Good support
  • Email deliverability
  • Dedicated IP addresses

At Lead Liaison, we believe a complex business model is one reason why marketing automation is not widely adopted. Vendors just don’t get it. Customers want simplicity. They want a simplistic solution and a simplistic price to acquire that solution. Limiting usage and charging exorbitant fees for “extra” items increase your cost of marketing automation and is counter-intuitive with increased adoption and revenue growth. No one wants to be limited.

To better understand the complex cost of marketing automation let’s look at three companies in the space. In the table below, we compare their respective business models and highlight how each company introduces pricing parameters that amplify headaches:

ProviderBase Annual Subscription# of Contacts in Your DatabaseCost for TrainingCost for Initial Jump StartPrice for Additional UsersOther Fees
#1$24,00010K, 25K + tiersYes, $2,500+Yes, $8,000+YesLimited email deliverability testing, limited users
#2$24,00010K, 30K, 100K + tiersYesYesYes, $79+“Enablement Packages”, Professional Services, Enhanced email deliverability, dedicated IP address
#3$12,000UnlimitedN/AN/ANoneRestricted to email support, limited automation, nurturing, forms, landing pages and custom fields, no dedicated IP or email preview

Lead Liaison takes a much more simplistic approach to our business model which nicely complements our easy to use software. Since marketing automation is a feature of our Revenue Generation Software, we don’t introduce various pricing parameters around it. Our software is targeted to do one thing and one thing only – increase your revenue. With our revenue-based pricing model we’re able to provide the same set of features/functionality to businesses of all sizes; throwing restrictions in the trash. Any roadblocks that limit adoption and, ultimately, your revenue growth are removed.

Welcome to Lead Liaison and the wonderful world of simplicity!

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