The Key Functions of Marketing Automation Software

Key Functions of Marketing Automation SoftwareWhat are the key functions of marketing automation software? Although people may differ over the exact definition of ‘marketing automation’, one thing that can be agreed upon is the benefits. Marketing automation software provides a mix of benefits, which include improved sales and improved marketing and sales relations. Now that you’ve decided to use marketing automation, you should understand the main functions that bring about these many more benefits.

Identifying Effective Campaigns

Identifying which campaigns could work for your company and which ones won’t is very time consuming. Often times these educated guestimates do not go without potential risks (and there are a lot of them). Marketing automation software takes the guess work out of effective campaign identification. Through sophisticated data, this software accurately identifies which campaigns are worthwhile and which are not. This not only saves time, but also gives you a bigger return on your company’s marketing campaign investments.

Identifying Quality Leads

This is the lifeline of your company. The sales and marketing departments need to work together to see a potential buyer from the query stage to an actual sale. However, this is not always easy. Why? Because both departments often disagree about what constitutes as a quality lead. This translates to a loss of time and the potential oversight of sale. Marketing automation gathers information from your website such as demographics and behavioral data to identify quality leads. This information is then passed on to sales who can follow-up directly with the potential buyer.

Improving Marketing Content

A lot of businesses rely on stale content to ‘seduce’ a potential buyer into a purchase. However, trouble comes when the information isn’t what the potential buyer needs, or when the content doesn’t address the questions or concerns of a potential buyer. Marketing automation software identifies the needs of the potential customers, which helps the marketing team to create appropriate content.

These three main functions can be split and dissected into literally hundreds of benefits that can profit your business. Most marketing automation software programs have the same basic key functions, although they may work differently to achieve the same goal.