Necessary Skills to Address the Marketing Gap

Necessary Skills to Address the Marketing GapLauren Carlson of Software Advice recently published an article entitled New Skills Needed to Address Marketing Gap. Lauren, and others, made some interesting statements and we thought we’d share them with our readers. The statements describe necessary skills to address the marketing gap and underscore the growing importance of marketing’s role as the B2B buying landscape evolves. Below is a compilation of our favorite comments from her post. Feel free to read Lauren’s article for more insight on this subject.

“Marketing automation is more than a tool. It is a strategy.” – Lauren Carlson, Software Advice

“B2B organizations are losing upwards of 10 percent of revenue per year due to their inability to properly align sales and marketing around the right processes and technologies, according to IDC. To put that in perspective, that would be a $10 million loss for a $100 million company.” – Lauren Carlson, Software Advice

– Carlos Hidalgo, Executive Director of the Marketing Automation Institute

Marketers who define their job as filling the top of the funnel will not be successful with marketing automation software. Lead management has to be built on a strategy that focuses on managing the entire pipeline, not just one end of it. – Lauren Carlson, Software Advice

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What’s your opinion on the necessary skills required to address the marketing gap?

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