Marketing Automation Makes Visitor Tracking Even More Powerful

Marketing Automation Makes Visitor Tracking Even More PowerfulVisitor tracking is one of the most important things you can do for your business. When people come to your website, they should have an opportunity to convert in some way – whether that’s contacting you, filling out a form or buying something. Once you have a clear visitor path in place on your website, you have the ability to track visitor behavior to see how appealing your offer is, whether your website should be changed or whether your current visitor funnel accommodates your actual sales cycle. Marketing automation technology can help you do all this.

Visitor Tracking and Google Analytics

Many businesses are already signed up on the free Google Analytics platform. It’s easy to use, it’s robust and you can get a good idea of how visitors are interacting with your site and data from Google Analytics reports. There are, however, some underlying components of your sales cycle using Google Analytics alone won’t address for you.

1) Ease of use – Many organizational executives don’t have the technical know-how to translate the reports into something meaningful for their businesses.

2) Ease of implementation – A similar problem. A company will need a web development professional to install Google Analytics or similar tracking software in most instances.

3) Addressing needs – Google Analytics and similar visitor tracking software will let you know about certain aspects of your users’ behaviors, but won’t translate them into your specific sales cycle. Many firms address this by hiring additional personnel or simply trying to squeeze working with the metrics into their sales and performance programs. If you’re doing your own full time executive or sales job, trust us that this approach doesn’t often work in the most efficient way for your business.

Marketing Automation Tailored to Your Sales Cycle

When you implement an automated marketing solution for your business, you’re addressing the unique needs of your business and your sales cycle at every level. Your marketing automation platform can work with a Google Analytics installation to help capture your data in a way that will truly benefit your business.

re sending that get the most conversions or reactions from your visitors. Marketing automation makes use of dozens of useful tools that help streamline your process and make running your business and marketing teams that much easier.To find out more about how Google Analytics compares to Lead Liaison’s website visitor tracking read this post.

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