Six Advantages of Marketing Automation Software

Six Advantages of Marketing Automation SoftwareWhat are the advantages of marketing automation software? In order for your sales to increase, your marketing and sales teams have to work together more efficiently. They also have to work efficiently on their respective teams. Quality information is needed for both teams to do this together and individually. Marketing automation software helps provide the productivity boost that both teams need while increasing your sales. Amongst these benefits are many others that can both increase your marketing and sales team’s productivity and increase your company’s sales.

Identifies Quality Leads

Sales representatives and marketing reps may significantly disagree on what each feels is a quality lead. This not only breeds discord between the two departments, but it can also waste your company’s most valuable asset, TIME. The alignment of both sales and marketing is a crucial part of the success of your business, and getting the two on the same page is a hard task; that’s where marketing automation software comes in. The software clearly defines what a quality lead is by using demographics, behavioral data ad a lead scoring system. This information is then ready to be followed up by sales.

Organization and Management

With the use of the CRM system, marketing automation software helps to create a better sense of organization in the marketing department. The marketing team can use the CRM system to:

● Track prospective customers
● Communicate with prospective customers
● Address concerns

The marketing automation software allows the marketing team to do this all while retaining the prospective customers in the sales cycle.

Increase Sales

Marketing automation software makes the sales team more efficient by providing them with:

● Quality leads
● Behavioral data

The combination of these two points single handedly increases productivity in your sales department by 20 percent.

Marketing Campaign Control

Organizing content is by far one of the most important tasks in the marketing department. Marketing and IT have to work together to create web pages that contain content such as advertisements and promotions for campaigns. Marketing automation allows a marketing rep to create web pages directed at campaigns without needing an IT rep.

Identifies Best Campaigns

Marketing automation software minimizes the time it takes to sort through campaigns. The software automatically recognizes which campaigns make the most sense and which are not beneficial to your company. This not only saves time, but provides a better return on dollars put into your marketing programs.

Improved Content Marketing

Marketing automation software can help with developing a successful content marketing strategy. During the buying process a typical sales person is dealing with 3 to 4 stakeholders. Marketing automation software identifies the roles of those involved in the buying process. This helps you to create content that is more targeted to these people, instead of using ‘existing’ content on the site that may not adequately address their needs.