How to Make Video Marketing Work For You

How to Make Video Marketing Work For YouVideo marketing can be a useful tool for promoting interaction in your business – but if your company isn’t using Youtube, Vimeo and other networks correctly, you could be hurting your stats more than you’re helping.

First things first – when considering your video marketing plan, the images aren’t the only thing you should focus on. Your video marketing script or verbiage must engage your audience and compel them to subscribe to your channel, find out more about your site and state explicitly what you’re about and can offer.

Additionally, your videos should contain keywords that explain your products and services. It’s also a good idea to speak the name of your business or URL during your video. Believe it or not, Google indexes speech in Youtube videos as well as the text you type in for your title and description. If your voiceover is clear and your keywords are relevant to your business, this could contribute to your site indexing over time.

The Power of Video Marketing

According to Social Media B2B, 73% of B2B marketing agencies or contractors believe Youtube is an efficient way to manage and transmit content to a selected audience. In addition to the ability to showcase content in a multimedia way, Youtube videos are shareable and you can set coding parameters to match the look of your site. If you’d like to place video marketing assets like Youtube videos in a blog sidebar, there are WordPress plugins that can do this. You can also change the dimensions of videos and embed code anywhere on your site.

Because the share factor is there and the dimensions are customizable, using Youtube to share content on your site is a great way to communicate your message without taking up extra bandwidth on your own server.

Never Set Your Videos to Auto-Start

Strictly B2B speaking, auto-start can be your worst enemy and get an immediate bounce on your pages. It’s important to make sure you have a grip on your audience before you start video marketing. If you’re trying to sell your products to other businesses and visiting your website means watching a video without any way to disable the audio, you could lose potential clients quickly.

Think of it this way – many B2B employees, whether decision-makers or regular staff, are working in an open office environment during the day. Some are in meetings or working in office spaces with open doors. If your video auto-starts and an employee’s phone or laptop isn’t muted, your website’s video could be the cause of embarrassment or interruption. This isn’t a great way to sell your product. It may seem like getting your message out there immediately is a good thing, but giving your users the opportunity to decide whether or not to play your video is good video marketing. Putting the control in the hands of your audience helps build trust.

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