Content Marketing in 2014

Content Marketing in 20142013 saw one of history’s most major shifts in SEO and content marketing, affecting brands around the globe. Google’s secure search shift led to a lack of keyword data readily available to the monitoring end user, leaving businesses in the dark about what keywords are being typed in to find their websites.

The “death of SEO” naturally isn’t really an ending, but the beginning of a need for more content-conscious strategies, necessitating sites that are as user friendly and engaging as before with a new stream of fresh content and marketing tactics that don’t adhere to the old paradigm.

Content Marketing in 2014

To break all this down into simpler terms, you really need to make sure you’re putting stuff on your site. That ‘stuff’ shouldn’t be just anything – but well-researched, well-planned blogs that add to the value you present your readers, – content that generates traffic and that focuses on keywords that can elevate your brand. If you don’t have a content strategy in place or understand what your readers want to see, that can be hard to do.

If your historical data doesn’t show you what kind of content interests readers, take a look at the type of content being released by popular blogs and news sites relevant to your industry. Don’t copy the topics exactly – focus on writing posts that discuss the same stories from a different angle. Also consider adding content that fulfills a need. If you would love to see a news story on a particular topic but can’t find anything out there to fit your needs, your company should be the one writing that story.

Planning Ahead

No one likes to do it – particularly a busy decision maker –but your good intentions about writing weekly blogs may not be something you have time to do. It’s important to makes sure you plan on picking up only the slack you can, and hiring content writers to pad out your pages where appropriate. If you’re concerned this will render your voice in authentic, then make sure to suggest topical guidelines and a keyword focus for each page so your content team will have some direction.

Lack of good content writers isn’t a unique problem – this is why Lead Liaison developed the content marketing dashboard for our customers. We’d love for you to take a look at what we have to offer and let us help develop content for your business!