Should I Be Video Marketing for My Business?

Should I be Video Marketing for My Business?Video marketing is a great way to create new and interactive content for your site, leverage your existing audience with a new medium, create new click-through opportunities in a multimedia context and to better rank for SEO. Many small businesses swear off video marketing because they assume there will be extravagant cost to shooting and editing video. With modern tools, you can take advantage of great ways to create your own video marketing content without the hassle or spend.

Creating Great Content

Creating videos is easy with some software your PC or Mac comes with. For the Mac, check out iMovie and play around with it. For the PC, Windows Movie Maker is a great alternative. You can add music or voice to a slideshow or pictures, or use a smartphone or webcam to video yourself introducing folks to your company.

Your video marketing efforts should follow certain guidelines. You don’t just want to put random videos of cute puppies out there – you’ll want to generate and share content that engages your users and shows them how your product offers value.  Failure to do so could get a quick bounce from your video or even bad PR for your company over time.

Be prepared to show your customers how you can provide value in your videos. Given them resources that don’t just sell your company, but that provide interesting, useful data they can use in their own business decisions. Doing so over time will make you a ‘thought leader’ – a company that creates content your clients rely on to add value to their own services.

Best Practices for Video Marketing

It’s not always easy to host videos on your own site. You’ll need to know how to convert them to a quick-load format. You’ll have to make sure you have the bandwidth in case a lot of people watch them. Rather than dealing with the hassle of hosting a video on your own site, try Youtube.

There are many advantages to Youtube above and beyond having a place to host your videos. Google owns Youtube, so ensuring that your video titles, tags and descriptions contain relevant keywords and your business name could help your videos rank quickly, as well as create a valuable backlink to your website. Sites like Youtube take the hassle out of video hosting while helping you to get the backlink and the shareable quality video marketing requires.

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