How to Generate More Revenue using Marketing Automation

Generate More Revenue using Marketing AutomationMarketing automation is an extremely streamlined and systematic process for generating the greatest number of potential leads using automated software. Its principle function is to generate more sales and revenue by improving the quality of every lead given to the sales department. It also naturally uses fewer resources, since traditional marketing tasks are now automated. There is no debate whether marketing automation generates more revenue than older methods of marketing and that is not the focus of this article.

Instead, this article will explain how a company can exploit the power of marketing automation to generate even more revenue. There are proven techniques to ensure a company is generating the greatest number of leads possible, as well as strategic ways to nurture these leads to increase their chances of making a purchase.

There are also simple methods for monitoring and prioritizing each lead using effective lead scoring to make sure leads with a higher chance of conversion are given the most attention. More revenue will be generated using marketing automation when all of these efforts are combined.

Generate More Leads

A lead is anyone who comes in contact with a business’ online entities. A business can increase the number of leads they generate by focusing more on their SEO efforts and expanding their online presence. They need a dynamic and intriguing website that ranks on the first page of search engine results using keywords that are relevant to their consumers.

Modern businesses also need to use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to engage more potential leads. The marketing department must create posts and promotions that generate interest and encourage social sharing. Leads that are obtained through relevant content and posts have a higher potential for conversion.

Convert More Leads with Better Nurturing

All nurturing should start by segmenting the leads into similar groups based on their demographic characteristics and online behavior. Lead nurturing needs to be personalized to generate more interest and more revenue. Although marketing automation is an automated process, the content it produces should not sound like it is coming from a machine.

It needs to speak directly to the reader and create a real connection. Marketers should focus on a common need or concern of a group of potential leads and then provide them with informative content that answers their questions.

Prioritize Lead with Lead Scoring

Every visitor on a site has a different level of interest. Some are anxious to buy while others are still in the initial research phase. It is important to know which ones may buy today and which leads have no intention on every making a purchase. This can be determined by monitoring and scoring their online behavior.

Marketing automation software is designed to pick up on these triggers and identify which characteristics indicate a greater chance of conversion. A solid marketing automation strategy should also incorporate online registration forms that are geared at extracting demographic information from a lead to improve the scoring model. All of this information is ranked and compared against a typical customer to determine each lead’s potential.

A business can generate more revenue using marketing automation by using SEO to increase their website traffic, creating more customized lead nurturing content, and by prioritizing leads using accurate profiling and scoring. There is an endless supply of new customers roaming the web and marketing automation is the most efficient way to secure them and turn them into revenue.