Why Visitor Tracking Technology Exists

Why Visitor Tracking Technology ExistsYou’ve heard of website visitor tracking, by why does it exist? Let’s answer that very point, why visitor tracking technology exists, in this post. Would you put your home on the market, put a sign in your yard, list your house on a bunch of real estate websites, and then have an open house without the realtor there to see who showed up? No way! You’d be wasting your time and your realtor’s advertising dollars. You could hope that someone calls you up, or you could be proactive, and identify visitors along with their interests as they walk in the door to look around.

Similarly, in the business world, companies spend tons of money on outbound marketing. Retargeting, pay-per-click, blog content, marketing collateral, and more. Unfortunately, 98% of a company’s website traffic is hidden. The other 2% fill out a form. Without visitor tracking technology, the vast majority of website activity goes undetected, resulting in lost opportunity and a shortage of valuable insight to help your sales team – there’s no agent (realtor) at the front door of your business, your website. Effectively, what happens on your website is a complete mystery until you begin identifying and tracking people and businesses.

Analytic solutions help with website performance; whereas website visitor tracking is largely a tool for sales people. Businesses would be remiss not to spend $3,000 to $8,000 per year on a good website visitor tracking solution to help identify crucial website activity.

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