Going Beyond Page Views and Gaining Insight into Online Behavior with Website Visitor Tracking

Going Beyond Page Views and Gaining Insight into Online Behavior with Website Visitor TrackingOkay, so you know that website visitor tracking is important, but what exactly can you do with it? You might be surprised to find that visitor tracking can provide you with a wealth of information. When most people think of visitor tracking, they think of tracking the number of pageviews their website receives. While it is certainly beneficial to know how many page views you’re getting, website visitor tracking can actually tell you much more than that, including information about visitor behavior, companies and people visiting your site.

The Importance of Behavioral Lead Scoring

Marketing automation has developed significantly in the last few years and visitor tracking now has the ability to give you tremendous insight into the online behavior of your website visitors. Behavioral lead scoring is an incredibly effective method for understanding the potential for converting a lead. But, in order to understand that potential for conversion, you need to understand exactly what a prospect is doing on your site. Some common examples of online, trackable visitor behavior includes:

  • Which keywords were used in a search engine to locate your website
  • Whether the visitor read press releases while on your site
  • Did the visitor participate in a website chat?
  • Did the visitor click on multiple pages during one visit?
  • Did he or she visit a specific page multiple times?
  • Were relevant articles, tutorials, or ebooks downloaded?
  • Did the visitor complete an online survey?
  • Did they view or share videos?

All of this information is a veritable goldmine when it comes to understanding visitor behavior. The more you are able to understand about precisely how a visitor spent his or her time while on your website, the more you will be able to understand the visitor’s conversion potential and tailor your follow up to the visitors interests.

The goal of marketing automation is to make it easier for you to identify and reach your target audience. Website visitor tracking gives you the insight you need about visitor behavior to do precisely that.

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