Why Content Creation is Crucial to your Marketing Automation

Why Content Creation Is Crucial To Your Marketing AutomationThe strategic use of content created by your marketing team for your marketing automation solution is one of the greatest strengths of marketing automation’s ability to convert a lead. While marketing automation has many different strengths in its varied abilities to gather and deliver leads and data to your marketing and sales teams, if you want to convert those leads, you must approach them with compelling content that is appropriate to the person receiving it. In order to do that, you must be able to utilize your marketing automation lead scoring tools to determine what stage of content each lead is receptive to. Read on to learn why content creation is crucial to your marketing automation strategy.

Early-Stage Leads

An early-stage lead is someone who isn’t ready to be actively pitched, and are at risk of being turned away from your company if they are approached too aggressively. When approaching an early-stage lead, your content is primarily concerned with two main goals – reminding the lead that your company exists and that you and your business can help them solve problems. Low impact, helpful content such as blog posts or how-to articles sent to them as a part of a relaxed lead nurturing campaign will be most effective. Keeping these leads engaged and receptive is why these seemingly unimportant types of content creation is crucial to your overall marketing automation strategy.

Mid-Stage Leads

Mid-stage leads are where you and your marketing can begin to get more direct with a lead, although mid-stage leads can be tricky and are still susceptible to becoming disinterested in your company if they are over-sold to. In general, a mid-stage lead is aware that they have a problem – but they may not be sure what the solution, or who can help them solve it.

If the lead scoring software that is a part of your marketing automation software detects that a lead has become more active in responding to your softer content, then now is the time to put them in a more aggressive lead nurturing program. Sending those leads content such as data sheets, case studies or demo videos will help a customer understand the solutions your company can provide, and help move them into the last stage. Once again, having the right kind of content created is crucial to making sure your leads move seamlessly through your lead nurturing programs.

Late-Stage Leads

When a lead reaches the late stage, it means that not only are they aware of a problem and its potential solutions, it also means that they know that your company can provide those solutions. This is a crucial point for your sales team to act and contact the lead to make the sale, but even then, you need to be able to support your sales team with solid content. Competitor comparisons, product demonstrations and personalized webinars will all help to ensure your sales team has the best possible chance to convert your leads into customers.

These are just some of the ways that content creation is crucial to your marketing automation strategy. Visit Lead Liaison’s marketing automation resource blog online to learn more.