7 Tips on How to Make Marketing Automation More Personable (Part 1)

7 Tips on How to Make Marketing Automation More PersonableAutomated marketing systems are efficient at generating leads, but these leads won’t be worth much if they are not converted into consumers. Today’s consumers are tired of spam emails and computer-generated campaigns and they expect a more personalized touch.

Here are the first 3 of 7 tips on how to make marketing automation more personable:

1.       Understand Your Lead’s Needs to make Marketing Automation More Personable

Marketing automation is designed to quickly gather and analyze behavioral and demographic details about potential consumers. It tracks their online activity to give marketers and sales professionals an insight into their needs. Businesses can make marketing automation programs more personable by understanding and focusing on what the lead truly wants from the company. For example, they don’t want a blender. They want a better way to make smoothies.

2.       Use Sales and Marketing’s Input for Scoring Leads

When you are trying to determine a lead’s interest and needs, it helps to pick the brains of both your marketing and sales teams. Marketing professionals understand what trigger a lead’s interest and the sales teams know what it takes to satisfy their concerns. Scoring leads is necessary for prioritizing and providing personal attention to leads that are on the verge of making a decision.

3.       Segment Leads into Similar Groups

It is too difficult to personally target every lead, especially since marketing automation can generate thousands or even millions of leads per month. Leads that have similar backgrounds and needs can be grouped together to simplify the process. This way lead nurturing campaigns can be personalized towards each lead segment rather than every single individual.