5 Tips for Making Marketing Automation More Personal

5 Tips for Making Your Marketing Automation More PersonalWhile marketing automation might seem a bit mechanical and cold, there are steps that can be taken to make it less robotic. The marketers who tend to make the most of marketing automation are those who take the time to understand their audience, and who customize their content to meet the expectations of that audience. Here are 5 tips for making marketing automation more personal.

1. Building Your Own Marketing Automation List

A marketing automation campaign is only as good as the quality of the list behind it. Rather than purchasing lists, generate unique lists featuring qualified leads. We suggest using a solution like SiteEngage™ to engage and convert visitors using relevant “engagement windows” to offer valuable content and build your list.

2. Scalability Over Time

A common mistake made by many new to marketing automation is trying to grow too quickly. This type of approach can result in an impersonal feel. A better approach is to start simple, by identifying the most important stages in the sales funnel. Over time, what is working or not working will become more easily visible, offering the opportunity to add additional stages.

3. Nurture Relationships

Ultimately, the goal of any marketing automation campaign is to develop and maintain valuable relationships that will increase both the quality and quantity of leads over time. By delivering high-value content to leads at the right time rather than focusing solely on numbers, it becomes possible to do precisely that.

4. Getting Creative

Marketing automation may get its start with email, but it involves a multitude of channels to move leads through various stages of the sales funnel. For a successful marketing automation campaign, it’s important to develop a marketing automation strategy that focuses on the delivery of relevant content throughout every channel.

5. Always Include a Personal Touch

Marketing automation performs at its best when it functions with a personal touch. Service is at the heart of marketing automation. Ideally, the needs of an audience should be anticipated in advance to ensure that customers receive the right information at precisely the right time. Never become so bogged down in the mechanics of an automated marketing campaign that the real goal is lost.

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  1. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Interesting article. I’m just not sure if it’s worth for a small business to switch to marketing automation. Sometimes email marketing is exactly what we need. Marketing automation seems a bit too advanced and would require training. Email tools, such as GetResponse, can automate campaigns. Isn’t marketing automation rather for medium sized companies?

    • Lead Liaison
      Lead Liaison says:

      Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for the reply. There are certainly different viewpoints on that; however, there are strong arguments for small businesses to have marketing automation. The first thing to understand is that “marketing automation” as a term is way overused. Unfortunately, many companies are liberal when using that term. It causes confusion for buyers when they’re overwhelmed with options. As a buyer, we always suggest you list out your requirements. Then shop around to find a provider that meets your needs. With that said, a small business can definitely benefit from marketing automation because:
      1) They have finite resources and can benefit from automation
      2) No matter if you’re big or small, selling doesn’t change. At least in B2B, it requires multiple touches (5 to 7) from different angles (calls, emails, post cards, letters, etc.) before you can get someone’s attention and gain their trust.
      3) Every business, big or small, benefits from tracking and more sales intelligence. But, once again, the assumption here is that your marketing automation software provides rich, in-depth levels of tracking.


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