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Here’s Why You Should Consider Text Message Marketing in Your Post-Show Follow-Up

Thinking about how you will manage your post-show follow-up, after a trade show or other marketing event, is a critical step in finding success with event marketing. There are several methods of communication that you’ll probably consider using in your follow-up, but have you considered text messages? Text Message Marketing in Post-Show Follow-Up You want […]


21 Questions to Ask Your Event Lead Management Vendor Before Making a Purchase

To download the PDF of this resource, click here.  To access our Event Lead Management Kit, which includes this resource, click here.  According to Forrester, marketing events such as trade shows and conferences occupy the largest share of B2B marketing budgets at 14%. Choosing the right event lead management solution for lead capture will be […]


Marketing Automation Like my Pool Guy

Background on Pool Shopping Professionally, I work for Lead Liaison as a technical solutions specialist. Personally, I’m a father of two beautiful girls, 10 and 7, with an amazing wife that puts up with my shenanigans – for 12 years running now! Occasionally my professional career and personal life overlap. When you’re immersed in your […]


Create Personas to Guide Your Marketing Automation

In order to create strong, relevant copy that connects and engages leads, understand how your potential customers are thinking about your product and how you can influence their thinking. In order to do that you need to understand who you are marketing to and how your product or services interact complement each person. One great way […]


How Lead Nurturing Content Fuels the Marketing Automation Engine

An effective marketing automation program will be able to draw in an endless supply of quality leads. Almost every lead has the potential for conversion, but it takes strategic and informative lead nurturing content to earn their trust and eventually their business. Most people visit a specific website in search of information. They want to […]


Better Lead Management using Marketing Automation

Lead management drives business. Being able to gather, nurture, and direct leads is a fundamental aspect of every company’s success. Marketing automation has streamlined this process into a highly-effective machine that produces leads with a 50% higher conversion rate than traditional marketing. It provides better lead management using automated software combined with a personalized approach […]


How to Generate More Revenue using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an extremely streamlined and systematic process for generating the greatest number of potential leads using automated software. Its principle function is to generate more sales and revenue by improving the quality of every lead given to the sales department. It also naturally uses fewer resources, since traditional marketing tasks are now automated. […]