Understanding When to trigger Lead Follow Up

Understanding when to Trigger Lead Follow UpDo you know the right time to follow up with leads? It can be tricky to know the best time. If you follow up too soon, before a lead is actually ready, you run the risk of losing them. Conversely, if you wait too late to follow up, you also run the risk of losing them, albeit to the competition. While it is a bit of a balancing act, lead follow up can be best accomplished when you have the most relevant information available. The best way to obtain that information is with website visitor tracking.

One of the most important benefits of website visitor tracking is that it gives you the opportunity to determine exactly where your lead is in their specific stage within the buying process. It is absolutely vital that you monitor each lead’s online activity. Website visitor tracking gives you incredible insight into exactly where a lead is in the buying process. A variety of triggers, such as visiting your site’s contact page can prove to be a strong indicator that your lead is nearing the end of the buying process. This is information that you will not have available if you do not have website visitor tracking implemented. If you should happen to miss that particular trigger, you could also easily lose the opportunity to reach out and follow up with your lead. That could result in a lost sale. Naturally, losing a sale is something you never want to happen.

Some leads take a little time to warm up and are not immediately ready for follow up. Yet, other leads are ready, willing, and able to make a purchase right away. When that is the case, you also need to know about it. Website visitor tracking is incredibly effective for identifying interested buyers. If the online behavior and characteristics of a lead indicate that the lead is ready to make a purchase right away, you can take immediate action and ensure you do not lose that opportunity.

With website visitor tracking, you know precisely when to implement lead follow up so that you are always in touch with visitors at precisely the right time.

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