Lead Liaison Provides Tighter SFDC Integration in its Latest Release

Allen, TX (PRWEB) September 16, 2013 – Lead Liaison improved the integration between its flagship Lead Management Automation™ (LMA) platform and Salesforce.com’s (SFDC) CRM in a product upgrade release on September 15. The LMA has been long recognized as a tightly integrated complement to the popular contact management application but Lead Liaison has actively expanded the LMA’s integration and capability set to seamlessly synchronize records between the two applications. The recent upgrade supports Group Edition as well as the Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Develop Editions of SFDC while improving lead management between the marketing automation and CRM platforms in four key areas:

1)      Advanced support for SFDC Campaigns. LMA users are able to identify leads and contacts in a SFDC Campaign in the lead management interface. Records can be added or removed and a lead’s status in a Campaign can be updated without transitioning to the SFDC platform.

2)      Support for SFDC Queues. Records can be distributed using the LMA’s sophisticated lead distribution capabilities. LMA leads are routed according to multi-layer attribution models, which users define. For example, new leads in a queue may be searched and distributed “round robin” to the sales team.

3)      Integration of Briefcase dashboard. The release provides a new integration of Lead Liaison’s hot lead dashboard, which displays data about a salesperson’s hottest leads based on the industry’s most sophisticated lead qualification parameters. The dashboard – to be released on SFDC’s AppExchange in October – automatically identifies hot leads based on buying signals, lead score, lead grade, recency and level of activity.

4)      Simplified integration with SFDC. The LMA provides an easy-to-use wizard for batch imports along with optional integration of nearly all SFDC custom fields that are used as part of a company’s business process (database segmentation, lead nurturing, etc.).

Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation application has been available through the SFDC AppExchange since June 2012.

“Our commitment to improving the integration between the LMA and SFDC is a testament of our devotion to those companies that see value in working with vendors who recognize the strength of SFDC but wish to develop marketing automation capabilities that can be used as a standalone product,” said VP of Communications Alex Brown. “We realize that not all SMBs can afford the pricing structures of the new breed of marketing automation/CRM hybrids. They are looking for full-featured apps that can seamlessly blend in with the systems they are already deploying. We’re giving them an option.”

To experience how tightly the LMA integrates with SFDC, request a 10-minute demonstration of the Lead Management Automation platform.


Lead Liaison is an application development company that designs, develops, and sells cloud-based marketing and sales automation software. The company markets to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, and focuses on creating the broadest and most user-friendly revenue generation software platform. Applications cover all phases of lead management automation including sales prospecting, lead generation, and marketing automation functions that directly influence revenue generation. It’s innovative and robust lead management platform combines unparalleled sales prospecting, lead capture, real-time lead tracking, lead qualification, lead distribution, database segmentation, lead nurturing and ROI reporting. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model delivers an effective user experience and integrated cloud computing capabilities.

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