Introducing the Lead Liaison App Cloud

Lead Liaison App Cloud

Allen, TX (PRWEB) March 10, 2014 – Imagine a marketplace that contains a host of marketing automation modules and apps that could be used to customize your marketing automation software. Need video marketing? It’s there! Want to download Lead Liaison Streamer, a desktop app for real-time website visitor tracking? No problem!

The new Lead Liaison App Cloud™ is an easy-to-use portal that allows access to 3rd party apps as well as Lead Liaison apps (features and functionality), both paid and free. If you’ve used Apple’s App Store, you’ll have no issue navigating the intuitive interface that includes application screenshots/videos and an area for users to leave reviews and feedback.

This innovation is one of many that sets Lead Liaison ahead of the rest when it comes to automated marketing. The Lead Liaison App Cloud™ proves the flexibility and the modularity of their platform. With the Lead Liaison App Cloud™, companies have the freedom to customize their own instance of Lead Liaison. Users can get right down to the business they’re concerned about immediately, and skip the stuff that can wait. It’s also a smooth experience since most applications are deeply integrated into Lead Liaison.

The Lead Liaison App Cloud™, to be released April 2014, makes Lead Liaison the most configurable marketing automation solution in the industry.

Applications included in the initial launch are:

  • Lead Liaison Streamer™
  • Lead Liaison Send & Track™
  • Social Append
  • Content Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Media Tracking & Hosting

Lead Liaison is a software company that provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions. The company markets to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, and focuses on creating the broadest and most user-friendly Revenue Generation Software™ platform. It’s innovative and robust software combines lead capture, real-time lead tracking, lead qualification, lead distribution, database segmentation, lead nurturing, content creation, video marketing, media hosting/tracking, social media engagement and ROI reporting into a single platform.


For More Information:

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