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Keep Your Social Media Current With Real-Time Event Integration

Keep your social media current with real-time event integration and you’ll start impressing your prospects. Using Lead Liaison’s powerful tools, you can quickly set up an automated schedule to maintain multiple healthy and vibrant social media profiles, greatly increasing the visibility of your company to potential leads. However, to get the most out of your […]


Prospecting Lists

A few times a week I get calls from businesses asking if I can provide a contact or prospecting lists for them to buy. They usually want the list to include specific criteria based on demographic, industry, title, revenue and email. I don’t sell lists, but I love this question because it gives me an […]


Pardot Competitors

Pardot claims to have only a few competitors; however, in reality they‘ve got more than two. Pardot’s competitors range from small visitor tracking only solutions to marketing automation vendors. Small to medium sized businesses typically gravitate toward Pardot because of price and the attraction to the buzz around “marketing automation”. Don’t miss out though, take […]


2011 B2B Marketing Budgets

A recent study by Marketing Sherpa showed a breakdown of B2B marketing budgets in 2011. Frankly, I’m shocked to see how businesses are allocating their marketing dollars. I propose B2B marketing companies re-prioritize their budgets by re-allocating dollars from one marketing investment to another to produce a higher ROI and generate more revenue. Specifically, marketing […]


Online Lead Generation Services

With the influx of social media tools – Google+ being the latest, greater online marketing demands and a changing B2B buying process lead management has become difficult and complex. Without a lead management framework, companies are like a ship without a sail – going nowhere. Lead generation services have sprung up to try to mitigate […]


Assessing Lead Generation Techniques

We recently provided consulting to a small business who struggles getting opportunities into their sales pipeline. Our consultation was focused around assessing lead generation techniques. For the purpose of confidentiality, we’ll keep the company name anonymous. We removed personal references to our suggestions and left in general suggestions broadly applicable and advantageous to many businesses. […]


Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline, sales cycle, pipeline and revenue cycle are just a few terms thrown around in sales and marketing organizations across the globe to define the life cycle of a sale. There’s no single name for opportunities moving from initial contact to customer. In fact, the health care industry adds to the confusion by defining […]


101 Business to Business Lead Generation Ideas and Tips

Time consuming, process oriented, overwhelming…these are just a few ways of describing the task of business to business lead generation. Sales people are under more pressure than ever and always facing the “what can you do for me now” message from management. Inside and outside sales people have little time for sales prospecting and nurturing; […]