Pardot Competitors

Pardot CompetitorsPardot claims to have only a few competitors; however, in reality they‘ve got more than two. Pardot’s competitors range from small visitor tracking only solutions to marketing automation vendors. Small to medium sized businesses typically gravitate toward Pardot because of price and the attraction to the buzz around “marketing automation”. Don’t miss out though, take a look at Lead Liaison – we’re not just marketing automation, that’s a feature to us, we’re revenue generation software that drives your business. Don’t get us wrong, Pardot offers a great solution for most companies; although, if you’re in the market for more than software that automates a marketer’s job then check out Lead Liaison. There are a few things we do better than our competitors at Pardot; namely, ease of use, sales prospecting, real-time technology, a focus on revenue generation and a better, simpler business model.

An alternative that focuses on what’s important

Pardot focuses mainly on marketing automation whereas we focus on revenue generation. Which one does your business care more about? See our article on The Marketing Automation Mistake which outlines the downfalls of vendors tying their brand to “marketing automation” and focusing solely on automated marketing. Unfortunately, marketing automation is only a feature. Lead Liaison focuses on solutions for sales, marketing and executives that bridges the gap in organizational alignment and helps businesses rapidly grow revenue. People care about revenue generation, not marketing automation. That’s why we trademarked Revenue Generation Software™ – we own it, we live it, we do it.

Unlike all Pardot Competitors we also offer a true real-time solution that allows us to provide real-time, live B2B visitor tracking. Our unique technology also allows us to provide native real-time chat capabilities for inside sales to engage live with the hottest prospects surfing your company’s site.

Don’t leave sales out in the cold

Sales prospecting is another feature that sets us apart in the industry. With our solid foundation of sales experience on our staff we understand the challenges both inside and outside sales people face on a daily basis. We responded to those challenges by adding sales tools commonly used for prospecting such as professional contact searching of more than 35M people and business searching of more than 200M businesses. List building, which helps sales people create regional sales strategies, rounds out our sales prospecting feature set. It’s important to note this capability is built natively into our platform whereas Pardot and Pardot’s competitors send users to third party sites. We keep our functionality within our platform – under one roof.

Our business model is also very customer friendly. We keep it simple by eliminating number of emails sent per month, number of users or number of contacts in a company’s database. Pardot and Pardot’s competitors typically have limitations such as number of emails sent per month, number of landing pages, number of forms and more. It’s no wonder why analysts suggest users of “marketing automation” software face adoption issues and typically use only about 20% of functionality. There’s not much you can do when your hands are tied behind your back. Lead Liaison keeps it simple and prices our software based on four editions. You can’t get any simpler.

Competitors don’t like late entrants

Finally, we stand alone in the category of ease-of-use. Our solution was built from the ground up with the user experience in mind. Agreeably, we did enter the market place later than most companies, including Pardot, but that’s not a bad thing. We watched many companies try to keep up with their competitors and fail by adding functionality as an after thought, creating a spaghetti-like mix of features for end users. Lead Liaison invites you to see a demonstration of our software to see how our user experience is unparalleled and ties together ease of use, sales prospecting, real-time technology, a focus on revenue generation and a better, simpler business model into a single platform.

If you are interested to learn how Lead Liaison can help your company grow revenue then we’re happy to give you a demonstration of our Revenue Generation Software™ platform.

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