Marketing Technologies

Marketing TechnologiesMarketers have a plethora of diverse marketing technologies to help with advertising, social media, operations and other aspects of their job. The overwhelming abundance of marketing technologies pulls marketers in different directions. It’s often times helpful to take a step back, re-focus and look at marketing technology from a 10,000 foot view. Scott Brinker,, created a diagram of the various marketing technology groups. We thought we’d share it with you. Scott groups marketing technologies into three domains:

External promotion (orange) such as advertising and social media marketing
Customer experience (blue) that you operate and control, such as your website
Marketing management (green) that runs the organization behind the scenes

Where does Lead Liaison fit into this diagram? The toughest part is sticking our software into a box. We’re not just a single product or technology, rather – a platform. Our revenue generation software overlaps with marketing automation, email marketing, landing pages and micro sites, sales automation and business intelligence to improve customer experience and facilitate marketing management. As our platform evolves we’ll likely leverage core feature sets from other marketing technologies to continue to expand our platform while enhancing our value to sales, marketers and executives.

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