5 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing

5 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your MarketingThe methods that successful companies use to market their products are constantly changing.  New technology, increased opportunities for exposure and the popularity of social media sites has forever altered traditional marketing. Here are five great modern tips to get the most out of your marketing.

1.      Use free social media sites to increase your exposure

There are so many great free sites like Facebook and Twitter that are quickly gaining in popularity.  It is important that every business has an effective presence on all of them regardless of their target demographic.  People of all ages and all walks of life use some form of social media platform to stay in touch with the world.  In order to market a business using social media, a company should host a contest, promotion or create a catchy post that is intriguing enough to draw visit to its page.  A business can then use their social media page to direct the potential new business to a predetermined landing page that will best represent the consumer’s interest.

2.      Prove that your company is an expert in its field

Building a company’s credibility is essential to converting new leads into new customers.  By providing free, relevant and informative blogs or articles in your field of expertise, it will establish your business as a reputable source.  A company can also re-post and comment on articles from 3rd parties to make sure there is a consistent flow of useful information.

3.      Take advantage of marketing automation

Fortunately, there are now online businesses that specialize in marketing automation.  These companies understand exactly how a business can get more out of their campaigns than they would have if they used traditional marketing methods.  By using marketing automation, these professional marketers can provide lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing that is automated and unbiased.  Marketing automation software defines criteria specifically for your company that is designed to determine which leads will have the highest chance for conversion, so it is easier to identify which leads are worth nurturing.

4.      Use referrals and testimonials to convince new clientele

A happy customer’s testimonial or referral is one of the easiest ways to obtain new business.  By posting and promoting positive comments from past clients, you are allowing an unbiased objective opinion to speak on your behalf.  It is important to solicit or even offer discounts to customers who are willing to sell your services.  Another beneficial idea is offering existing clients meaningful incentives for referring new clients.

5.      Personalize each message as much as possible

By using marketing automation to better understand the online history and personalities of potential leads, a company can cater each message to appeal to a specific segment of their target market.  Automated programs gather, summarize and categorize information on potential leads and utilizes it for a personal touch to each a lead nurturing campaign.

An effective marketing campaign takes precise planning in order for it to be directed at the right people at the right time in the right manner.  Following these five steps will make it easier to understand potential customers, appeal to their interests and convince them of your company’s value.  Once a business obtains a lead’s attention, the marketing efforts have to be relevant and compelling in order to secure the deal.