Marketing Automation Vendors

Marketing Automation VendorsIf you’re researching marketing automation vendors then you’ve found the right spot. Marketing automation helps companies drive revenue by converting leads into customers. It’s a necessary technology to be competitive; however, vendor selection is not easy. The marketing automation space is growing rapidly – double digit growth year-over-year. Vendors of all types are clamoring to get into the space. All in all, there have been over 100 companies reportedly classified as “marketing automation vendors”. With all these choices, how can you decide?

Marketers have never been faced with the challenge of making a major software purchase. The plethora of choices makes this software purchase even more difficult. To put this into perspective, if a marketer spent two hours researching each vendor they’d spend 200 straight hours, or a little over a month, tied up in vendor analysis. By all means, let us make the decision simple for you. Here are a few reasons why companies of all sizes choose Lead Liaison:

Why companies choose Lead Liaison…

1. Flexible business model with no limitations
2. Hands down the easiest user interface and user experience
3. Best-in-class CRM integration
4. Optimized for marketing *and* sales
5. Breadth of platform
6. True real-time performance
7. Post-sales experience
8. Best-in-class technology

Here’s a shortlist of the top marketing automation vendors. We’ll keep this list updated as new vendors come online:

List of Marketing Automation Vendors (in Alphabetical Order)

1. Act-On
2. Aprimo
3. Eloqua
4. Etrique
5. Genius
6. Genoo
7. Hubspot
8. Infusionsoft
9. LeadFormix
10. Lead Liaison
11. LeadLife Solutions
12. Leadmaster
13. Loopfuse
14. Manticore
15. Marketo
16. Neolane
17. Net-Results
18. Optify
19. Pardot
20. Silverpop

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