Don’t Have Time for Marketing Automation?

Making Time for Marketing Automation

We understand you don’t have time for marketing automation…but hear us out.

Take the first step

True marketing automation is a process, not an event.  It’s an exercise in continual improvement.

There are aspects of marketing automation that take zero time; and marketing automation will save your organization time as a whole. 

Outsource marketing automation if necessary 

Marketing automation programs show a strong ROI.  In most cases, it will be easy for your company to justify the expense of a strong partner who has the expertise and bandwidth to get you up and running quickly and effectively.

Recognize that every day you delay is a day of lost benefit 

If marketing automation didn’t make sense, you would not have even made it to the time concern.   If you had a printer that was ready to print money; would you say that you wanted to wait until next week?

Contact us to help you understand the loss of revenue that your company is experiencing each day you do not have a marketing automation program working for you.

The later you start, the harder it will be

Another factor in delaying your program is that your competitors aren’t waiting.  Much like firms that were early to adopt an SEO strategy, you will have a large competitive advantage if you adopt a strong MA strategy ahead of your competitors.

It’s harder to win a race when your competitors have a lead.   Get out early, and run as fast as you can in order to maximize the value of marketing automation on your company’s bottom line.


Companies that are concerned about the time necessary to implement a marketing automation program need to think outside of the traditional marketing box.  Doing so will help them maximize profitability, and compete with their most aggressive competitors.