Does Your Marketing Automation Company Help Drive Revenue Generation?

Does Your Marketing Automation Company Help Drive Revenue GenerationAs marketing automation becomes more embedded in mainstream marketing practices, some marketing automation companies are more focused on raising capital than focusing on customer needs. At Lead Liaison, we continue to maintain a customer-centric focus. To further support companies that are trying to improve their revenue generation practices we offer a free Revenue Consultation. Ask yourself, does a marketing automation company drive revenue? They can, especially when both companies partner up.

During the consultation we explore current lead management, content marketing, and customer relationship practices. The goal is to determine gaps in the lead management process, suggest an appropriate lead scoring model, and offer recommendations on how to implement marketing automation to streamline repetitive marketing activities, and align sales and marketing functions.

At a time when several leading MA companies are outsourcing consultation and other ancillary services for their customers, we’re keeping support services in-house. Lead Liaison feels it is important to devote resources to supporting the needs of our clients for two reasons:

  1. We want to provide a better connection with our clients so we can ensure that we fully understand the unique needs that each company (and industry) has when it comes to lead generation and management practices.
  2. By directly supporting our clients, the Lead Liaison development team can better configure each platform to suit those unique needs.
  3. Management can design future platform iterations to more fully serve the needs of our entire client base by analyzing the information collected during consultation engagements.

Although some marketing functions that can be automated are standard, there are others that operate more effectively when we understand how our Lead Management Automation™ product will be used by our clients. So we ask targeted questions about sales prospecting, content delivery, lead capture, and CRM integration needs.

We believe offering our Revenue Consultation as a part of our standard operating procedure sets Lead Liaison apart from our competitors. Our approach provides a more effective client relationship and helps you get the most out of your digital marketing and lead management practices. If you’re looking for a company that truly wants to know you and support your marketing endeavors, call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to set up your free Revenue Consultation today!