New Flexible and Powerful Marketing Resource: The Social Append Feature

Allen, TX (PRWEB) February 14, 2014 – Lead Liaison is proud to announce a new feature in the system that allows users to gather relevant information via social networking sites and ultimately reach a more targeted market directly. With the Social Append feature, Lead Liaison allows for a much greater opportunity for marketers to leverage data in the CRM: connecting social media. Lead Liaison’s new feature supports over 110 social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Klout, to name a few.

This new feature allows marketers to add social media links to the prospects’ profile records in the system. Adding this information brings all the data associated with the social networks into Lead Liaison and allows marketers to set up an automation directed to a particular audience. For example Social Append will gather the number of Twitter followers, and then from there the marketer can choose to send a tweet out to any followers that have 50+ followers. This allows the marketer to have a much more segmented database and allows for greater lead closure and higher conversions. From Twitter alone, the Social Append feature can gather five new pieces of data to save to the database: number of followers, URL, username, biography, and ID. Data from the social networks associated with each profile allows for the marketer to filter criteria for the targeted group.

With the addition of the Social Append feature, the profile record of each prospect contains very detailed information, from the basics of their business title, location, and gender, to much more specific and targeted details such as other websites they are involved with, organizations they are part of, and Klout topics of interest. This feature also gives Lead Liaison access to all of the photos associated with this prospect’s social accounts. The data gathered from this new feature has endless possibilities for the driven marketer. Sales teams will also benefit by having a richer set of information on their prospects. They’ll have more intelligence and a deeper understanding of who they’re selling to.


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