Is Press Release Marketing Worth the Investment?

Is Press Release Marketing Worth the Investment?Press release marketing isn’t something that many companies are doing consistently, but it can lead to qualified traffic for your website. If you experience major shifts in your company – from adding a new team lead to releasing a new product –  these are valuable opportunities for content you could use to run any kind of content marketing for your business.

Companies like PR Newswire make press release marketing easy, right? Well, not necessarily. If you don’t have the tools in place to create a great press release, you could actually damage your company’s reputation. Anything piece of content you put out there with your company’s name on it is a reflection of your professionalism and your message. You wouldn’t want that to be compromised due to bad writing or an unclear marketing message.

Is Press Release Marketing Necessary?

There are ample ways to create content that links back to your site. Press release marketing requires the creation of one piece of content, then release on a wire. Paying a wire service to release your content can be relatively inexpensive and easy to do. You’ll also find your press release was posted to a variety of different sites, creating valuable SEO backlinks that can increase your positioning in Google rankings.

It’s likely your release could end up on Google News due to its placement on certain sites. This can bring you more traffic and, again, create a valuable backlink for your company’s website, increasing your SEO positioning.

Should I Do My Own Press Release Marketing?

Creating a press release isn’t always something a company pro should try to take on personally. Press release writing isn’t like creating and submitting an article out in the blogosphere. Press releases require a certain formatting, verbiage that reflects your piece of news is as important as any other news story as well as the use of well-placed, quality keywords and marketing messaging.

It’s important to create a press release that will preserve your professionalism as well as get new users engaged. A press release professional knows how to contract content, subject lines and press release bylines that make your news story seem more compelling – leading to more click through on your article.

If you’re interested in how press release marketing can attract traffic to your website, why not try hiring a pro to write a press release for you? Better yet, take a look at Lead Liaison’s press release marketing services. Content creation services are built right into our marketing automation dashboard, giving you access to over 2000 qualified writers who can place an original, quality press release right in your dashboard. Visit us to find out more today!