Lead Liaison Unveils Amazing Content Personalization Solution to Increase Website Visitor Engagement

Increase Website Visitor Engagement and Conversions by up to 200%

Allen, TX (PRWEB) June 22, 2015 – Lead Liaison, the leading provider of marketing automation software to the mid-market, has announced limited availability of an exciting new solution for content personalization. The product, called Lead Liaison SiteEngage™, allows companies to configure data-driven website content (popups or embedded content) personalized to website visitors to help increase engagement.

Lead Liaison found that most companies do a poor job of converting website visitors. Companies pump lots of money into retargeting, pay-per-click advertising, SEO, salespeople and digital marketing – they all share a common purpose, to drive people to the company’s website. However, companies forget to close the loop and take the necessary steps to convert visitors by giving them something valuable in exchange for their contact information, such as email and name, once they’re on their site. Unfortunately, 98% of a company’s website traffic goes unnoticed. Lead Liaison expects to seriously tip the scale with Lead Liaison SiteEngage™.

The new product is deeply integrated with Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation (LMA) solution, which delivers award-winning marketing automation capabilities. Combined with Send & Track for Outlook™/Google Chrome™, and ProspectVision™ , for website visitor tracking, Lead Liaison’s suite of marketing automation tools, called Revenue Generation Software®, for the mid-market rivals competing solutions. Companies are able to better attract, convert and close business using Lead Liaison – with conversion and closure being the key focus for content personalization.

Lead Liaison’s content personalization solutions are easy to setup. Customers choose from different styles of “engagement windows”, such as a canvas, modal, footer, ribbon, or slider. They choose from over nine pre-created themes that can easily be customized using a drag and drop designer. After creating visually appealing content, customers set up rules on when to show the content. Content is delivered based on a wide range of data, for deep personalization. Using any combination of demographics, social, or behavioral information companies can display their dynamic content to convert more visitors and accelerate sales with relevant offers.

This level of ease of use and personalization is unparalleled in the industry, establishing Lead Liaison as a true innovator in the market. As other marketing automation providers follow suite with larger companies, Lead Liaison continues to think outside the box, distancing themselves from competitors, offering unique, highly valuable solutions that help companies accelerate revenue, faster.

Alan Page, VP of Customer Success at Lead Liaison says:

“We’re thrilled to bring content personalization to the market! This was really the missing piece in our product portfolio. There are multiple use cases for our new product. Companies can use the solution to increase the size of their newsletter database, display offers for valuable content (such as whitepapers), run promotions for first time visitors, all in an effort to increase conversions and drive sales. The days of showing the same content to every visitor is long gone. You’ve got to personalize communication, and give people relevant content at the right time – something Lead Liaison does extremely well. Our tracking engine is bar none in the industry, building a rich profile of online and offline engagement on prospects. Now that we can use that information to personalize content – the likelihood of driving more sales and converting more visitors has skyrocketed.”

Lead Liaison SiteEngage™ is available to qualified prospects and existing customers as of the time of this release. General availability is planned for mid-June 2015.

About Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison is a cloud-based sales and marketing automation solution that helps businesses accelerate sales by attracting, converting, closing and retaining more prospects. Filling a void in the small pool of marketing automation providers that focus on marketing-centric functionality, Lead Liaison gives equal focus to sales support with solutions such as a hot-lead dashboard, Buy Signals and a live ticker alert of businesses on the customer’s website. Lead Liaison blends ease-of-use, a flexible business model, deep external integration, marketing across social, web, mobile, email and offline channels and powerful functionality, all specifically tailored for mid-sized businesses, into a single platform, called Revenue Generation Software®. Lead Liaison is headquartered in Allen, Texas, near Dallas, and employs 22 people. For more information, visit http://www.leadliaison.com or call 1-800-89-LEADS (895-3237).