Missouri Ford Dealership Bo Beuckman Ford Explains Why They Chose Lead Liaison for Website Visitor Tracking

PrintAllen, TX – Rory Foster, Communications Director for Bo Beuckman Ford Dealership, oversees the website and their business development center, as well as digital advertising and training for their sales team. He bought Lead Liaison for their company because he wanted to know who is visiting their website. Recently, he sat down with the Lead Liaison team to talk about why he uses their visitor tracking solution, ProspectVision™, and why he would recommend it to other dealerships.

At first glance, the need was simple: Bo Beuckman Ford needed a way to track who was visiting their website. But, what happens next? Foster needed a way to make this information actionable for his sales team. Not only did they need to see who was visiting their website, they also wanted to connect the dots. How many times has a potential customer viewed a certain vehicle? If this person watched a vehicle for a few weeks, and then moved on, you might think the sale is lost. But with Lead Liaison’s Buy Signal alerts, their sales team now gets a notification alerting them if the prospect comes back. This alert can be the green light for a salesperson to properly time their outreach.

Another valuable tool for Foster is the automated daily lead reports, which simplifies his life. “It’s a short report. It’s concise. I can easily read through it and compare the names to my CRM tool and quickly move on to other tasks at hand.” Daily lead reports can be distributed to any users in the Lead Liaison account. This report assists marketing teams in analyzing campaign activity, sales teams that need to know where to target their outreach, and executives monitoring all marketing and sales efforts.

Bo Beuckman Ford embeds the Lead Liaison code into their electronic newsletter, the Beuckman Buzz. Doing this helps Foster track his customers. Now, he can see who is reacting to what they are putting in their electronic newsletter and which offers make the biggest impact on their database. It is also used as an additional conversion tool to help reveal more information about website visitors. The more a dealership knows about who is visiting their website, the better their sales team can be in locking in a sale.

“My website is an extension of my showroom. When people come into my showroom, I meet them, get their name, and understand what their needs are. Through Lead Liaison my website meets them, gets their names, and helps us to get the information that best helps the customer,” Rory Foster, Communications Director at Bo Beuckman Ford.

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